Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Homosassa Springs, FL, USA
Date: March 2, 2018

Yes, I have been present during your conversation and I wish to add some of my thoughts to what you have spoken of and the apparent dilemma that you face.

Firstly, you must recognize that any guidance or communication from the angels that you may receive, all that that bubbles up from your soul into your mind, is not entirely pure, for you have not come to that place of a redeemed soul and your minds are not in total accord with the Laws of God’s Love. You are becoming that beautiful creature of an angel but you are not there, as of yet. You strive for this, you long for this, and this carries you along in all your prayers and efforts to be with God. Thus, you have with you the support of the angels and the love of the angels and the Hand of God upon you, and you continue to receive His Love in ever greater quantities as you grow and aspire with greater intensity towards the redemption of your soul.

So, with this as a consideration, you must look at your own thoughts and guidance and ask, how much of this is truly in accord with Love and with God’s Will and how much reflects my own condition, my own thoughts and biases? This is your responsibility, beloved souls, in any situation where you are asked to make a choice. Firstly, you must ask yourself, what lies within my mind, what lies within my soul? Am I in harmony with God, am I truly a channel pure of His Love? Do I walk this Earth as a channel and reflection of Light and Love, these blessings given to us from God?

Indeed, when you are set upon with a dilemma, a choice, it is important. You must pray and ask for guidance to be inspired with Truth, to know the way to go that is of Love.

You have heard of the story of the relationship between myself and Judas after he passed into spirit and landed up in the dark plains of Hell. I came to him to reassure him and to inspire him to progress out of that condition and I worked very diligently to help him. I came to him very often and brought my love for him, that I might have the gift of helping to lift up my brother into Light. And in time, he found his way. In time, he became a Celestial Angel.

Now, I could judge my brother for what he did. I could say, he deserved his fate but where would that thought originate? Not of the soul. The soul is of love. The soul forgives, the soul embraces all brothers and sisters upon its path. Though there was some sacrifice to make that journey from the Celestial Heavens to the Hells, my soul compelled me, and I was compelled by Love. I embraced my brother. I made it my promise to God to support my brother who had erred in his ways and was paying the price in compensation for his deeds.

Do not judge your brothers, beloved souls. Do not judge your sisters. But consider how you may uplift them to show them the way to Light, to strengthen the bond of love between you. In this way, you do God’s Work.

Consider the perceptions and feelings of the soul above the conditions of the mind, as the mind greatly desires to dissect and delineate and make things either black or white, right or wrong, true or false. These operations of the mind may be valuable in certain situations but when one is dealing with another soul and your desire is to be a channel of Love and Truth with your brothers and sisters, the mind’s thoughts and judgements and perceptions cannot be in the forefront of your motivations. It requires a soul that is active in Love and Light, Truth and joy to bring the impetus towards the greatest good in your relationship.

This has always been your challenge beloved souls, to walk in this world in Love. To put aside your judgements, your calculations, your ideals, borne of the mind, and come to a Truth and a surety that is borne of the soul. These often are different in their outcomes and desires. Until the condition of your mind and the condition of your soul is merged into Light and Love there will always be this duality of understanding, of knowing what is the decision that is in harmony with God’s Will.

So, your conversation reflects very well this dichotomy of awareness, the rightness of the mindal thinking and the openness and intuition of the soul in Love. Surely, you can see the difference in these two modes of thought, of understanding? And so, we encourage you to be within your souls. For through our experiences which have brought us to the Celestial Kingdom, we see and know the power and beauty of the wisdom of the soul. We, each one of us, have gone through similar struggles between the ascendancy of the mind which has a tendency to thwart the wisdom of the soul.

Yes, these challenges must be encountered by each soul in this world of yours. For this is the human condition. This is the power of the mind which has been nurtured and acknowledged and given all manner of credibility. Yet, the higher knowledge and perception of the soul continues to be in the background of one’s thoughts and motivations. Ideally, there should be a marriage of the two in balance and harmony.

You are coming to that point ever so slowly, with each experience, each challenge you face. You continue to learn and to allow the soul to have its say. You continue to sensitize yourself to the feelings and knowings of the soul, so different from the workings of the mind.

So, I could have left my brother in the Hells, saying, “It was his choice. I will allow the process of his awakening to happen without my involvement, or love or support”. But instead, I listened to the yearnings of my soul and urgings of my soul and made that effort, that journey from the Light of Heaven to the darkness of Hell to help my brother. In this, I was blessed the most, beloveds. For God blessed me for my effort and I felt joy because I knew from the depths of my soul that what I did was in accordance to the Will of God. Even though there was sacrifice and struggle, I received many blessings and I grew in Love. And my dear brother Judas found his way to Heaven more quickly than if he was left to his own devices.

Is this not what you desire beloved souls, to help others who are in the darkness to find their way to Heaven along a more direct and speedy route to those places of great joy that they may not suffer so much, for so long? That you may give them the key, and the support and the love that will help to awaken them to the Truth.

So, you make your efforts beloved souls to come together to welcome souls of many different stations in life, perspectives of Truth, conditions of the soul and yet your challenge is to accept all, embrace all, without judgement, without concern but with faith and Love.

May you continue in this work beloved souls. This is a noble work. This is a reflection of the growth within your souls. God smiles upon you, beloveds, He pours His Love and blessings to you and indeed you benefit, as I did, by my efforts and continue to, through these efforts to support all mortals in this world who seek to serve in this way.

God bless you beloved souls, for all your love and desire and work for the Kingdom of God. God bless you. I am Andrew and I love you. God bless you.