Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Punaluu, Oahu, HI, USA
Date: March 8, 2018

 Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I see that your circle continues to grow and I welcome these two beautiful souls into our circle of Love. May the Father’s Love continue to pour into each of your souls, connecting you with God, connecting you with one another, creating bonds that will indeed last forever.

I was with you in your conversations earlier this day and I was pleased to hear your responses and desires regarding bringing this Love more fully into the world. Indeed, each of you must bring greater Love into this world and this is accomplished by bringing greater Love into yourselves. As you grow in Light, so you shall express Light. As you grow in wisdom, so you shall express and live in wisdom. This is your spiritual journey, is it not? You have chosen the path to receive God’s Divine Love and the wonderment of this Love is beyond full understanding, for it is of the Essence of God. So your journey will include discovering and knowing all the blessings of God’s Love, the many layers of awareness, understanding, Truth and joy that comes with this gift. We who have been in the Celestial kingdom for a very long time do not know all the wonders of God’s Love. It continues to unfold for us as it does for you. This journey is infinite and your engagement and wonder and joy shall continue to be intense and beautiful as you journey towards God.

There is no other path like this, beloved souls. There is no higher aspiration than at-onement with God. Each of you are blessed with knowing the way to this at-onement that is simple and direct. How blessed you are . . . so young upon your journey, so open in your souls, so beautiful in your aspirations and desires. God responds to your reaching for Him. This touch from Him shall continue to be deeper and reveal to you many, many wondrous things. You shall know the complexities of God’s Creation. You shall understand the power of Love and you shall feel such a deep joy that nothing can touch the beauty and power of your sense of being alive and vital in the Love of God.

Beloved children, you will find your way to bring this Truth to mankind. You continue to unravel the mysteries and you continue to hear more readily God’s Whispers and Guidance and Will for you. Nothing will impede your progress, beloved souls, nothing. For each of you have created a connection and channel to God that is unbreakable and ever-expanding. Those things that you see, perceive and sense in your prayers together are just a tiny part of what God has to reveal to you and show you so that you may truly know yourselves with all your wonders and potentials as the power of His Love continues to awaken you and bring you to that place of understanding, of knowing, of being in the flow and grace of the Heavenly Father.

May His Love continue to touch you with every breath and bring you to that sublime awakening of your souls. May you carry the Light of His Love wherever you go and whatever you do, so that you may be used as God’s Instruments for Light, for Truth, for Love. There is no higher calling, my beloveds. There is no greater joy than to express and truly know Love, Love that reaches to God, Love that brings to you these great knowings, perceptions, Love that flows through you and from you for all your brothers and sisters. Love that brings deep gratitude and appreciation for God’s Creation. Although Love may seem simple, there is a whole universe encapsulated in the Father’s Love, ready for you to explore and understand, ready for you to truly know and recognize within your souls. As God awakens you and blesses you with many gifts, so you will come to know these wondrous aspects of Love.

I know you have many questions and dilemmas. You see all about you your world that is not in harmony and you wonder how this can be healed and set right. As you perceive these wondrous mysteries in the Love of God, a great wisdom will come and you will know those solutions which God has intended for you to enact in this world. Each has a purpose, beloved souls. Each is gifted in ways that you do not truly know of at this time but will unfold. You will contribute, beloved souls, to the healing of this world. You will enact beautiful expressions of Truth and Love, knowings and awakenings, things that will benefit humanity, Truths that will come.

It is for you to find your way in prayer, to know yourself and your relationship with God, to discover all of the wondrous potentials alive within you. This comes with each day, some measure of awakening, of being in greater alignment with God. May you find your way, beloved souls. You have all that you require at your disposal. The angels surround you. You are never alone. Truly in this way you will discover these things and come to know and be in the Truth of God’s Love. God bless you, my beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you. God bless you.