Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: January 29, 2018

I am John the Beloved. Within each of you are many worlds my beloveds, many layers of your being, all intricate and beautifully created by God. Within, there are many aspects of your expression, from the complexities of your minds to the wonderment of your souls, the firmament of your bodies created by countless cells all working together to create your physical self, the firmament of your soul which within possesses many aspects and gifts and beautiful expressions. For within your soul, God has planted many seeds of great variety and beauty awaiting that time when they germinate and come to fruition. Within you, my beloveds, is a beautiful garden made from the gifts that God has planted within you, creating a unique and beautiful soul. That soul is you, my beloveds. That soul is God’s Creation unique to each individual. What brings the soul alive is the Light of God’s Love, His Gift, His Essence poured into you, igniting all the potentials of your soul, germinating all of these wondrous gifts coming to bloom, bearing fruit. So, my beloved, beautiful souls, each of you has within you a whole universe of possibilities and potentials, gifts, a flower garden of wondrous hues and textures, unique in beauty, combinations of flowers unique to each one. It is for you in your lives, not only here but in the world of spirit, to discover all the unique qualities that you possess my beloved souls, all the unique gifts that reside within you, all these beautiful, beautiful aspects of yourselves just waiting, yearning for its life to burst forth bringing to you many surprises, many possibilities. With the gifts of your soul you may express yourselves in life. With these creative impulses comes a desire for expression. 

Beloved souls, love yourselves. Allow the beauty within to come forth and be expressed in Love. As God’s Love permeates every part of you, so the beauty and harmony, the joy and the wonderment comes forth creating for you in your life a wondrous journey, a beautiful awakening. There is so much that awaits my beloved, beautiful souls. So much that you are yet to discover and know that is truly a part of yourselves, truly magnificent. For God creates such indescribable beauty and puts this within each soul. The intricacies, the complexities, the wonderment brings forth something that is not replicated anywhere in His Universe. You are unique. You are uniquely beautiful. So, I urge you my beloved, beloved souls to express that uniqueness within you. Do not look to another to copy their gifts, but to look within and acknowledge these treasures that you possess and honour what God has given you. Honour this in joy. Honour this in Love and look to those around you with the eyes of your souls and see their beauty. See the beauty of God’s Creation within them and encourage them, my beloved souls, encourage them to truly know themselves, to bring forth this unique beauty, to express these wondrous gifts and treasures that lay within. 

Beloved souls, God has created a whole universe within you, ignited by the gift of His Love, given in Love, expressed in Love. It is Love that awakens this universe and this universe thrives on Love, needs and requires the gift of this Love. So you must seek the Source of this Love, this unique energy of God that brings the universe of your soul alive and awakens all of these beautiful seeds and potentials within. It is but a prayer away my beloveds, a longing, a desire to go to God, the Creator. For in this relationship between you and Him, your true selves will emerge. The wonderment and the glory, the power and the joy of who you are will awaken and be set free and be expressed in all its glory. 

May you continue to seek this gift of Love. May you continue to awaken and may all that wonderment within you come alive and emerge as something substantial. It can and will be used by God to ignite the Truths of His Love in others. For in the awakened soul, its very deepest impulse is to love all, to love Creation, to love God. In this great service comes forth a great flow of Love and carried within this flow, this Light, are the many gifts that you possess and are expressed in harmony and beauty and uniqueness. So, each soul with its flame alight, its lantern burning, draws other souls where God will ignite and awaken their souls, and others shall be awakened, and others shall be awakened until the whole world is alight in the beauty of God’s Creation.

God bless you beloveds. May your Light continue to shine and may those discoveries of your true selves be profound and filled with joy, for much awaits. So much is waiting to be discovered and to come to life. God bless you beloved souls, I am John and I love you. God bless you. God bless you.