Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 7, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

Bless you, beloved souls, my name is Josephus. I come to speak about the limitations of the mind and the perceptions that are you all carry with you and rely upon, and are somewhat limiting in reference to spiritual awakening. I believe that you all understand that in order to truly know God and to know your own true selves, your soul, requires the capacity to see the world through other eyes, to understand the world through another mind that is not the material mind, but the mind of the soul.

So few in your world truly know this or recognize that there is something more, something beyond those daily perceptions which you are engaged in with all of your focus and energies towards understanding and delineating between different aspects of this world. This endeavour to understand the world takes much of your thought, much of your time, much of the perceptions that come in the experience of the worldly things. Yet, there are all of you here who are interested and desire to go beyond these simple perceptions to something more complex and deeper.

Consciousness is an interesting thing. It does indeed fluctuate. Perceiving various levels of reality relies upon the consciousness that is able to expand and contract in accordance to your needs of perception and experience. So it just like a muscle that needs to be exercised and flexed so that you may understand what is in your experience at any given moment. The easiest level of experience is the material world, for you are well-equipped and have with you many faculties that are able to experience this world of yours. To experience the Truths and the reality of the Celestial realms is at the opposite end of this spectrum. So many of you have great difficulty coming to that place of true perception, of perspective that brings clarity to your conscious self.

You engage in prayer on a regular basis. You open yourselves to what blessings God has to give to you. In this, receiving this Great Gift of Divine Love, you ignite the faculties of the soul. Within the faculties of the soul is the mind of the soul. When these things are awakened, then the perceptions do indeed change. There is a great flow of information that is outside of the normality of the material world. So a great shift happens within your mind and within your soul so that you see both, that of the material, and that of the high spiritual. This, at times, can be confusing or at least requires great adjustments for the two perceptions do not come into alignment very readily. The Truth of the soul is far different from the truth of the mind. The Truth of the soul is what God gives to each soul that is awakened. What the soul perceives, what the soul sees is Truth and is unique for each one.

As our beloved brother has indicated that each soul is unique, therefore the perceptions of the soul, the understanding of the soul is unique in its makeup, in those faculties that are inherent within the soul that come together to formulate a personal version of reality. It is difficult for those of you who have experienced soul perception to formulate with the mind and your verbal capacities, to explain and describe your experience because that experience of the soul, that perception of the soul, includes other aspects of experience that are not related to your mindful consideration.

There is an emotional component to soul perception. The higher emotions are engaged in this experience. There is an aspect of soul perception that allows you to see beyond the manifestations of the material world into that of the spirit. As this dear soul speaks of what she describes as chakras, these things are of the spirit body and the reality of the spirit body, which in themselves are integrated into soul perception.

It is a very complex matter, my friends. But, suffice to say that soul perception is far different from material perception. Soul perception has a depth and a breadth that goes far beyond what the mind can comprehend, the material mind, entering into the realms of the spirit mind that has the perceptions that are more complex, that are more subtle and more profound. These perceptions and understandings of the world are what you will all find in time and will all cultivate and utilize upon your journey of soul awakening and understanding God.

For you cannot understand God with the material mind. You may only speculate and realise your own limitations in this regard. Yet, with the soul perceptions and the soul mind, which God has gifted you with in order to perceive God and  understand the more subtle aspects of His Creation, you will be able to see much of what God has created. All the different aspects and realms of His Creation, all the wonderment and beauty and subtlety, all the wonderful layers upon layers of this reality will come into plain view and will be magnificent in your experience of these things. For truly, a soul perception is an experience. It is not something that you will come to by deducing its reality, it’s presence, but it will come as an opening, an experience with God, a gift from God.

So I say to my friends, pray for this Love, this igniting force, this transformative Blessing to enter your soul so that the perceptions of the soul and the understandings of the soul may come to the fore. That you may come to know all of these beautiful aspects of God’s Creation, that you may come to know, in your own way, to formulate your own truth of the matter.

When this Truth becomes well-established within you, you may share it to some degree.  You may understand to some degree the experiences of the mystics of the past. You  will join the ranks of the mystic experience of God. This is the promise of this gift of Divine Love: to open these faculties, to allow these things of the Divine Creation to be apparent to your experience and consciousness in life.

There are many gifts and blessings that God wishes to give to each one of you. God has implanted within your souls seeds of these experiences, possibilities of the conscious self realising the great wonderment of God’s Creation. These things may be gifted to you, a blessing that comes from your concerted efforts to be with God and to open your souls to the reality of God.

They will come in their own time. They will come in harmony. They will not come with a great rush and understanding. Although this is possible for some, but for most it is a step-by-step process that will allow you to adjust to these new realities and to bring into focus these things of the soul so that you may see both and not be overwhelmed or disoriented by these new perceptions. They will come in accordance to your efforts to bring the Great Gift of God’s Love within, to allow the workings of this Love to manifest in many ways, to bring a clarity not only to your soul but your mind as these two aspects of yourself begin to merge and come into clear focus.

In order to do so you must be strong and clear and grounded in Love and Truth. In this way, the great door will open and the mysteries of the universe will be revealed. Again, your souls long for this, my friends and your souls to seek Truth and your soul’s wish to be in alignment with God. This alignment will grow and grow. It is an eternal continuation of growth and awakening. With it comes the great joy that is God’s Love. With it comes the finer perceptions of the soul and the spirit and the mind, merging together into a powerful lens of understanding and Truth.

When these things become more apparent to you, that you are more consciously aware of this experience and knowing, so you will have the opportunities to teach and demonstrate these Truths. This will be a powerful way to bring to others what is Truth, what is the gift of a soul awakened, what is the Light of a soul imbued with the Love of God and what is the consciousness of each individual expressed and articulate with many gifts and Truths given upon this journey of awakening.

May God bless you upon that awakening. May God bless you with the joyful understanding of His great Creation and His True Self, His Soul, in relationship with your wondrous soul. So much awaits you, beloved souls, so much which I cannot articulate at this time. But as this instrument grows and as you grow, so you will be ready to learn more of the Truths of God. This is coming. It shall open and you will be filled with the awesome wonder of God.

God bless you my friends. I am Josephus. I am happy to come to you to speak of this subject, and I pray that each one of you will find your way upon that journey of soul awakening and expression to come to see the wonders of God. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you.