Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 8, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

Beloved friends, I am Matthew. Yes, as our dear daughter has prayed about, you have all done your wanderings upon this Earth, your seeking of Truth, your seeking of life, the expressions of your own desires manifest in your world. God has brought you together in love. God has ensured that each of you have found your treasure of the soul, awakening to Truth, awakening to the Touch of God’s Love. So now that you have found your way upon the Path Divine, I ask you to double your commitment and your prayers for the awakening of your souls, because now is the time to awaken yourselves in the Grace of God, the Truth of God, that God may send His Holy Spirit to nourish your soul with His Essence, that God may send you angels to help inspire Truth, to give you the desire to seek for deeper Love and Light. Now is the time to reconcile your soul with God for what better time is there but now? What greater opportunity is there but now that you may continue to grow and flourish in Love and spiritual Truth, that you may indeed find your way on a road that is straight that leads you directly to God?

Beloved souls, open yourselves to this great gift of Love. Seek within you the acknowledgement of your soul’s desires, to be awakened and truly a part of yourself. Not hidden and overshadowed by your minds and all the material distractions of the world, but awakened and vital, informing your life, informing your thoughts, informing your prayers. For your soul has much to say to you, beloveds. Your soul has much to share in wisdom, in joy, in Truth, in all the higher feelings and thoughts and desires which God has implanted within each of you that these things may become a conscious part of yourself, a true expression of yourself, integrating the thoughts of the soul with the thoughts of the mind, bringing together the feelings of the soul with the feelings of your mind, bringing into oneness the perceptions of both blending into Truth and Light.

Beloved souls, this is quite a journey, a journey that will lead you to many places within yourself and within this world. May you accept the yearnings of your soul that carry you forward. Because your soul reaches to the highest, to the Source of All, and receives a great gift, the gift of God’s Essence and Love to awaken these parts that yearn to know and experience what it is that they are able and gifted to do so, those parts of your soul that have a great desire to awaken, to know God. May you acknowledge, in a conscious way, all these parts of yourself, that all may be awakened, that all may live a vital life filled with joy, filled with the experience of the Divine, filled with the experience of the world, all these aspects of life coming together.

It is God that will bring to you the capacity to integrate all of these things and bring them to a place of true acknowledgement, of clarity, of awareness. As you pray for the Gift of God’s Love, so you pray for the gift of awakening; the gift of life, greater life; the gift of Truth, deeper Truth; the blessing of Love, the highest Love. These things are yours, beloved souls, freely given. As you receive and bring close to you all that is given, so your souls will awaken to the Truth, to the power of Love, to the wonderment of life.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. I am Matthew and my love is with you. Angels surround each of you at this moment. Angels minister to those whom you have prayed for. God continues to answer your prayers, the many that are with you and the many spirits that surround you and the many whom you love and the many in the world in great need. All of these things are blessed as you continue to open this Circle of Light to God and bring, in your efforts and prayers, the great blessings of God to many.

May God bless you for your efforts, my beloved friends. May you come to know God in greater measure, in deeper ways, in great love and joy. God bless you. I am Matthew and I love you. God bless you.