Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 7, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

This is your teacher Augustine. For those who yearn in prayer, there is always a response. For those who have a deep desire to receive the Blessings from God, they will elicit the Holy Spirit to respond to these prayers and bring this great gift of the Father’s Essence, the Love of God. This gift shall be given to those who pray and desire this blessing. That prayer can be in words or not. That prayer can be a fulfilment of the soul’s desire to be with God. Whatever the motive within the individual is, there must be desire, a longing for something more than that which is satisfied by the mind.

You may read volumes of books. You may study liturgy and writings from past days and the wisdoms of all the mystics of the world, but  all of these things that you fill your mind with cannot equal one moment in prayer with God to nourish the soul. This is what you long for, my beloved friends, to nourish your soul. So I ask you, what are your longings? What are your prayers? This is not done out of duty, out of obligation, out of a sense of propriety, it is done with a yearning and a desire, and in the beginning, a sense of lacking within you. For a soul unfulfilled in the Father’s Love is a soul that lacks the ingredient which bring the awakening, bringing the soul to life.

The soul has been created to receive this Gift. The soul, in some corner, a dark corner often, of each individual is where this longing resides. It may be faint or it may be intense, but often ignored by those who are content to fill the minds with thought and ideas and sense of what is right. This sense of righteousness that often is within the religions of the day does not bring one to God. Instead,it brings one to one’s own sense of importance, one’s own sense of what is right, and that sensibility comes from the mind.

What I speak of is something different. It is what the Master Jesus taught when he walked the Earth, for he preached the word of love, the power of love, the graciousness of God’s Love. Jesus, to this day, continues to preach this word of Truth and live it as a shining example of this Great Truth in the universe: that the power of Love is the greatest power of all within this world and all worlds. For God created all in Love and the active agent of this Creation is Love.

Within us God created a soul. God created the soul in order to reflect this Gift of Love that it may shine forth through each one of us. This love, if not received, if not longed for, if not prayed for, will not be present within the soul for God’s Love must be given as a gift, a blessing. God gave each individual what we call the natural love, what they are born with, and these expressions of love are indeed beautiful. But there is a difference, a delineation between this energy of Love that is of God and this energy of love that is of man.

The transition from the natural man to the Divine must come with this blessing. It cannot come otherwise. For the natural man will always remain the natural man. The Divine man, the one who is in the Grace of God, transformed and redeemed by this gift of God’s Love is different and is no longer that individual which he started out to be, but is an individual that is different, transformed and made into a new creature, made because the power of Love has transformed them. The creative force of Love has made that individual into a being that is purely of Light and Love that reflects the true Nature of God within.

Within each of you, this longing continues to simmer. You feel the yearning of the soul. So you come together in prayer, beloved souls, to seek this gift. Remember that a true prayer from you that includes this longing from the soul, however short or long, will bring a gift, a blessing, a response from God brought to you through the active energies of the Holy Spirit.

So you will be blessed by your longing. That enthusiasm of the soul is so very important in order to bring this gift to you even though you may not truly understand what this gift is, even though you may not have experienced it fully. When you place yourself at the feet of God and ask your Heavenly Father to bless you in this gracious, beloved Touch from God’s Soul to yours, then you will feel and know and understand what it is that your soul longs for, what it is that waits for you and for every soul in this world: this great gift that will transform, that will wash away all that is not in harmony with God’s Creation, all that is that is not in the flow and wonderment of God’s Laws of Love.

You will receive that strength, that gift, that blessing that will bring to you the strength, the desire, the insight to change, to truly change. Those inclinations and desires that are not of love will fall away. You, beloved souls, will come to know a joy within you, a true awareness of what it is that God means for all of you to be and to express in your life.

So I ask you to pray for this Gift. Long for this gift. Seek out this blessing. In this, you will find your way to God in a way that is not prescribed in any book, but is available to each of you because within your soul you know that this is what you desire and will motivate you forward. Seek your true soul’s desires. Seek to be with God, to long for God and all else will follow.

As you knock upon this door, all else will come. All blessings and gifts, all Light and Love will pour upon you, beloved souls. For this is the way of God. This is God’s desire for His children: to know His Love so intimately, powerfully, joyously that nothing else will satisfy the soul than this gift that is longed for again and again, prayer after prayer, beseeching God each day for more of the succor of the soul to be given, to be blessed, to be a true part of you.

May God bless you, beloved souls. His Gift of Love is with you at this moment. Breathe it in. Drink it in. Bring it to you so you may indeed know the redemption that comes with this Gift of Love.

God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine. I continue to be with you in your prayers. God bless you.