Spirit: White Cloud
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings from the Creator. I am White Cloud. You have drawn me into your Circle with your songs and your stories of those who have experienced the truths of the peoples of your land, the Great Turtle Island, as it is called.

You have come from many different places and you refer to God in many different names whether it be the Great White Spirit, whether it be the Holy Grace of the Creator or Allah, many names for one God. Yet, within your hearts is a true sense of being children of God. Each one of you has a Light. Each one of you carries the Truth. Each one of you has a gift to give.

God will guide each one in accordance with your desires, your gifts, and the light within. You will be guided by God. It is the Love within your souls, that sacred place that will guide you forward in your efforts to help to heal this precious place. For every creature including all of humanity suffers here because the Laws of Creation, the harmony of God’s Creation has not been obeyed nor recognized. Humanity continues to trample the Earth with no feeling or reverence for what God has created. It is for each of you and many, many more who must rekindle your understanding, your perception of what life truly is, this gift that God has given you. With this gift of life comes many awarenesses, understandings of the complexities of this world. You must use your understanding, the insights of your souls to share Truth with others, to help open their eyes, to help open their hearts with gratitude and awe and wonder of what is in your world. What is in all of God’s great Creation, this understanding, this knowledge, and this Love for all that is, is  the power that is required to change the world.

Each of you in your own way understand this and know this truth. I say to you, my friends, stand up and speak your truth wherever you are or whatever situation you may be in in the world. Stand up. Be brave and walk your truth in every way that you can. For change in the world, the healing of the world, my friends, will not happen because someone has waited and not taken action. It happens because each one stands for truth and will not sit and wait.

God needs strong souls, souls that are awakened to Truth, souls that are persistent, souls that are wise. In this way, God will guide each one of you in whatever way is part of God’s plan to awaken and heal the world. For too many are asleep. Too many passively wait for something to happen.

My friends, God calls each one of you in your hearts and beckons you to that place where you are aware and awake. That you will not sit idly by and allow your brothers and sister to trample upon this planet, numb and unaware of their actions. You must speak, you must reach out, you must talk in ways that are of love but also in ways that are of truth.

To do so, my friends, God will put the words in your mouth. God will guide you upon a journey that is of service that will awaken humanity, and where you will join many, many others who also feel the call, who also have awakened, who also are brave and speak the truth, unflinching they speak the truth. This will not make you someone who people adore. But it will make you someone that people respect, for they will feel the power of the truth that you speak. Something within them will be stirred. Within this call that you make to your brethren, there will be an answer that will come that will bring peace and balance to your world.

This begins my friends, this great change, this great transition is in place. God has ordained and has come to sanction these changes. For without intervention, your world will crumble and fall into great chaos. God comes to save His children and all creation. You must listen. Listen to that call. Listen to what God has to say to bring you into alignment with this changing time that you may speak your truth and live your truth and bring others to a place of knowing and understanding why all that is in motion is important and necessary.

Seek out your Creator, my friends. Seek God into your hearts. Come to know the Love that God has for you and all and all His Creation. Love exists. For every soul that walks this Earth, God’s Love can be given and can awaken the true sight, the true understanding of life. It is for the asking, my friends. It is for you to ask and to receive, to seek and to be awake within.

I thank you for listening to me today. I thank all of you for your efforts, for your light, for your work, for your time that is given to God. God will continue to pour His blessings upon you all. It is a never-ending cascade of Light that you may all receive and bask in and be changed and healed by. The Light of God’s Love is for you and is never, ever restricted. Its bounty is endless. Its power is beyond your comprehension, my friends. Seek it. Come to seek it within your hearts and it will show you the way.

May God bless you, my beloved friends. I am with you often, many of you. I help you and I seek to guide you. Many blessings come your way through our prayers. Those of us who live in the Realms of Light come to assist the children who seek Love, Light, Truth, and great blessings for this world.

God bless you. I am White Cloud and I know you. Many of you know me in your hearts for I’ve been with you as your friend. God bless you. Thank you.