Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 09, 2018

This is Seretta Kem. Yes, you have all been engaged in many travels and activities, prayers, communications, efforts to continue to weave together this great lattice of light in your world. And we have been guiding you upon this path, this effort to bring many together with a sense of connection and family, of love and acknowledgment for none need be alone or feel that they are struggling alone in your world in this climate of harshness and inability to love. My children, beloved friends, beloved souls, all are part of God’s great blanket enveloping you all, this blanket of light pulling you together bringing comfort and strength in your connections and love of one another.

This is part of God’s plan, to bring all together at least in a sense that your souls are connected by the light. And there is a comfort there, is there not, a knowing that your brothers and sisters share in this experience and the awakening of your souls through the Father’s Love? And in this, are you not strengthened? Do you not feel a part of this great wave of love that is washing over your world? And rather than resist, are moving with this great wave of love and light that is bringing healing and change to your world.

Each has the opportunity to be a part of the great work that continues to unfold in your world, the work of bringing the souls of humanity to a place of knowing, awakening, of being with God. This is the great work, beloved souls, and you continue to reach out, you continue to make efforts, guided, inspired, evolving, and strengthening as God continues to grow His Love within your soul, as you continue to open your eyes to the possibilities and the opportunities that God puts before you, allowing this wondrous effort to unfold in harmony and peace. Indeed, as you walk upon your road and you take your steps in a conscious way, you are awakening. This brings the awakening as you allow God to guide you forward.

So you come to understand and know the many facets of your soul. As God provides these opportunities to express love, to express your gifts, to express your light in the world, so this strengthens all that is within you, awakens the possibilties that wait for your acknowledgment and expression. You see how each day dedicated in prayer and service and love continues to draw more light to you, draws the angels closer as your soul opens wider to the inflowing of the Divine Essence. The momentum builds within you. The expressions are more easily put forth in the world as the love grows and your resistance and insecurity falls away, leaving only assurity, a knowing, a strength as your soul is laid bare and you are conscious of this true self.

This is God’s plan for you, my beloveds, that you may continue to express yourself in your life as beautifully, as powerfully, as lovingly as you may. In the experience of life, day by day, the opening of these gifts of your love expressed to others, expressed in your day, so more gifts unfold, more petals of the great flower of your soul spread forth showing ever greater beauty and symmetry that is your soul, a flower unique and perfect that is your soul.

Continue on your journeys, my beloved friends. Continue to long for the awakening, those inner knowings, those beautiful gifts and you will know a deep and profound joy and a love for all of humanity. This is the expression and power of God’s Love within your soul. It continues to infuse and infiltrate every part of you and you feel the change, you feel the awakening, the joyful emergence of something profoundly beautiful within you.

Your soul is such an awesome creation of God and you are coming to know and see just glimmers of what is within you. This shall indeed turn into a beautiful awakening. All the facets of your soul in time will be known by you, my beloveds, and many gifts, many parts, many beautiful, intricate chambers of your soul will come to light and be awakened by God’s Love.

This is your destiny, beloveds. This is your destiny and God guides you. God continues to protect you and bring you truth and awaken your soul in Love. This is your destiny and all is unfolding as the Creator nurtures His garden, His beautiful flowers, His perfect creation in Love.

God bless you, my beloved friends. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you and I am with you, beloved souls. God bless you.