Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Bayview, Sydney Australia
Date: December 04, 2018

I am Yogananda. You have drawn me to you with your conversations, speaking of me in loving terms. How can I resist your call? I see that you have increased your lights, my friends and your prayers and good works together. You have seen how God has guided you through these days together. His Will has been done as you have navigated through each day, desiring to be used as a channel of love, bringing light, peace, truth to those whom you speak and share some time together.

My beloved brothers, you see how intention, some effort and some prayer may come together to create something beautiful. Your days have flowed and brought delights and opportunities, joy, and peace. All your needs have been met and how you have met the needs of others. This is how God intends to use His beautiful messengers. As you continue to build light within your soul, joy within your hearts, purity and the highest of intentions, so you will continue to live your life as God’s beautiful instruments of peace.

Your friends so in need of upliftment and love jumped with joy with your embrace and acknowledgement. It can be a lonely life for those who are spiritually attuned because they find it difficult to be with others who are not in a condition to understand or relate to their life. And yet, when God is present, no matter who you are with, there is a connection, a flow of love, acceptance and joy. Remember this, my beloved friends. Do not pick and choose who you would associate with at any given moment. Merely allow God to draw those to you whom He intends to bring close. That He may use you as His channels and instruments to touch another. With an attitude of openness and joy, releasing all judgments, you will indeed find great fulfillment in being a channel of love for another.

My beloved friends, the world needs each and all souls who can walk this path of love each and every day, bringing light each and every day, sowing joy and wisdom each and every day. This is the work of those who are children of God and at times it is very humble and simple and other times, you may find yourself speaking to many. This is God’s work.

So each day is a day of opportunity and a quiet day set in prayer is no more beautiful than a day where you may speak to many. Given the right perspective and attitude, your day in prayer may reach more beautiful souls than some overt action and effort to bring truth to many. Remember this, beloved brothers, each day is a precious gift from God. Each day brings another possibility of increased light within your souls and increased service and love and truth.

Each of you have dedicated your lives to service to God. Beloved souls, acknowledge and recognize that each day is indeed a dedication to love and to service. And in this way, all that God intends for your day will manifest and unfold often in surprising ways. Do not hold back your love. Do not be fearful of those who you are suspicious or are not familiar with you. Instead, know that God brings a soul, a precious soul, and you may touch that soul as His channel, His conduit of Love.

May this day be blessed, my beloved brothers, this day a gift, this day magnificent in all its wonderment and possibilities. This day is another blessing from God. Keep God close to you. Forever open your souls to His Love and all will unfold in harmony, peace and love.

God bless you, beloved, beloved brothers. I continue to observe your progress and come to help you when I can in your efforts to grow spiritually, to increase your soul in Love, to increase your consciousness in Truth, to increase your gifts in the holy blessing of Divine Love.

God bless you. God bless you my friends. I am Yogananda.