Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

Beloved souls, it is Seretta Kem. I wish to assure you, each of you, that you will be guided when required, that there are no mysteries or unrecognized aspects of guidance in your life And that God continues to guide you forward in His Love.

As you venture forward in the world and you ask to be used as a channel of love wherever you go, whomever you meet, God answers those prayers. God uses you as His instruments. God continues to awaken your souls so that you may be more attuned to God and recognize His guidance more readily.

You continue to grow in His Love. Your souls continue to awaken in His Love. Those gifts that we have promised, continue to awaken as you grow. Our only advice would be to continue to pray more earnestly to receive the Father’s Love, that this hastens the process, this deepens the awakening, this helps the seeds that are planted within each one of you to grow and mature. For you give what is required by asking to be blessed.

It could not be any more simple, beloved souls. There are no complexities, no urgent missions, no wrong turns within your life. These things that concern you regarding your journey, put them aside. Focus on your prayers and have faith. Have faith that as you continue to ask to be used as a channel of love, as you continue to pursue the Father’s Love and as you grow in this great flow and process of awakening and transformation, of growing as God’s instruments, you are well on your way and we are very pleased with your progress.

Our perspective is very different from yours. We do not worry for the moment and the momentary expression of your gifts. We consider the continued awakening and unfolding of the Father’s plan for the salvation of mankind. This unfolds gradually, but surly. There is nothing that you have done to inhibit or divert this effort.

So rest assured, beloved souls, you continue upon the path that is designated. You have been deeply blessed by God. You have made great efforts together to reach higher, that your souls may be in greater attunement with God and that you are in greater attunement with yourself, your soul. And this continues does it not, although there are times when you feel that you are not consciously aware of these aspects of the progress of soul awakening. Yet I tell you, that because of the inequities and intransigence of the human condition and the conditions in which you live, it cannot be assured that each day you will have some overt spiritual experience that reassures you upon your path. Yet, if you look upon all your days since you began to pray for the Father’s Love, do you not see that much has been given, that you have experienced many blessings? You have awakened many things and God continues to ensure that you progress upon His Divine Path.

Nothing will thwart you, beloved souls, other than that which you do to block and divert your progress. Within your soul there is no inhibition, no doubt, nothing within the great core of your being that inhibits your progress. There is great light there. Much has been given and it shows within your countenance, beloved souls. You are strong in light, beautiful in light, and God’s Hands surely rest firmly upon you.

Beloved souls, know that you continue upon a path that is in harmony with God’s Will. There is nothing to worry about or fret. There is nothing that inhibits that cannot be readily expunged from your life. You are claimed by God. Your life is an expression of a soul that emerges and awakens in the darkness and ignorance of the human condition. I know you often come to be impatient and eager to continue with this work. I say to you, all in God’s great plan and His timing, the flow that is required to bring harmony, the flow that is effective and carries the great Will of God forward.

Be patient beloved souls, but be earnest in your prayers and your desires to serve, and all will emerge in great beauty and joy. Your eyes will be opened. Your understanding deepened. Your wisdom great. Your love grows and grows.

Have compassion for yourselves and seek to love yourself. Seek to release all barriers, all judgements, all things that are not of love. In this way, you pull aside the curtain of the human condition that continues to shroud all of humanity in great ignorance and fear.

You are awakening and you will continue to awaken. You are firmly in God’s grasp. May God bless you upon that journey and may you know that you are surrounded by the angels of God. Indeed, you are very precious to us all and we do our utmost to assist and to uplift you upon this journey. May God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you all. God bless you.