Spirit: Michael
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, my name is Michael. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and pray, as you do, for the Father’s Love to enter my soul, as a constant inflowing, unceasingly transforming and awakening and growing my soul in His Love.

I was with this dear instrument as he awoke, impressing upon him how important it is to continue to spread the word of God’s Love, the great joy and benediction that comes with this blessing of Love from God. So few know of this gift. Yet, you beloved souls, continue to strive, to understand, and to receive this great blessing from God. I tell you, my beautiful friends, that this is the beginning of something very important and powerful in your world. God has indeed planted many seeds in your world, hoping that these seeds will take root, will grow and become mighty oaks of truth. That each of you have great potential, are filled with many gifts, possibilities of expression of true spiritual light and truth in the world.

So God continues to tend His garden, this beautiful grove of light and robust souls who are seeking against all probability and adversity in your world. Yet, you have found one another. You have found God. You have found your own souls.

Each of you will continue to strive, to grow in this journey, this expression of the soul, to awaken to all the truths that our Heavenly Father has to share with each one of you, to awaken to the great love that God has for each one of you. May you walk in the world as a light so that you might walk in the world as His children, bringing light, bringing compassion and hope and love to those you meet, bringing the simple words of truth that say, “My brother, my sister, you are loved deeply. You are a creation of God, a beautiful creation of God. And God wishes for you to know that He loves you dearly, that He wishes to enfold you in His Arms of Love, to uplift you, to show you the way to truth, to harmony, to peace and to love.”

My friends, realize that what you hold within your hearts is a deep truth, a truth that has the potential to change your world. If but a percentage were able to follow this truth as you do, to pray as you do, to gather in light, to gather in fellowship, the world could be changed and brought back to a place of peace and harmony, of love for one another and respect, allowing each soul its unique expression, and to appreciate each soul in their uniqueness, in their light and in their perspective. For does not each one journey in their own way towards God? There is no dogma here. There is no right way, rather there is the encouragement of the soul to awaken to God and to know His Love.

This is the only tenet of this truth, to go to God to receive the blessing of His Love. All else will unfold within your journey and your understanding of truth. It must be, for within your soul, as it is redeemed by the Father’s Love, all that is not true will fall away from you. All that is of darkness will dissipate and only light and love will reign supreme within you. Know that you continue upon that journey of awakening and you are surrounded by angels so that you will continue to see the truth in all its glory and simplicity. As you pray and seek at-onement with God, so these blessings will come, my beautiful friends.

Know that you are never alone, that as you seek, as you go about your daily life, even as you sleep, we are with you always. God’s Hand rests gently upon you, saying, “Worry not, beloved soul, my Love is with you. I am with you. And I will ensure that your journey to Me, to at-onement, will be swift and easily attained. For my Love will ensure that you will come to know Me with such depth and intimacy, that all your yearnings and longings of the soul will be met with love.”

God bless you beloved souls, I am Michael. I am happy to have this opportunity to talk to you today, to bring my love, to help guide you along your path. For this is our work, is it not, the work of the angels, to help you along your path and assist you and help clear the roadblocks and the difficulties, so that you will indeed find your way and find a deep joy and soul satisfaction in your efforts. God bless you beloved souls. God bless you.