Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 13, 2019
Location: West Vancouver, BC

I am your teacher Augustine. How good it is to be speaking through this instrument in this place where I have spoken many times to my beloved brothers and sisters who are a part of this wondrous journey of Divine Love. There are changes coming for each one of you, my beloveds. There are surprises and opportunities opening and you must not set your sights to the future with too much anticipation and planning with your mindful ideas. Rather, to be within the flow of God’s Love, to walk upon His path of Love, to follow His guidance of Love and allow whatever is to unfold to do so in harmony, in timing that is of God. Walk each day reaching ever closer to the Fountainhead of God’s Love and The future will indeed take care of itself as God continues to incorporate each of you into His plans, His efforts to bring greater Light to this world.

For our most beloved instrument, she continues to work within this plan, different levels that are not of this Earth plane, and she travels extensively. As each of you continues to forge these relationships around the world, she too is involved in being a channel of Love for these individuals and comes to them in their sleep states, comes to them in her sleep states. There is connection. She helps to build the Lattice of Light in the world, as do all of you my beloved, beautiful friends.

Each will find their way. As time unfolds in your world, so you will find your way and continue to be active and effective instruments of God’s Love and change in this world. Though you may not see the overt outcomes of your efforts, though you may feel that you are not at all effective, you are continuing to work in this great venture for the salvation of mankind. This will become clear in time, my beloved friends, clear so you may not doubt again but be in the Light and the joy of knowing that you and God are truly connected in a bond of Love and truly serving in the flow of Love.

God bless you beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine, and I continue to serve you as I have done for many years and will continue to do for many more, as there is much work to do, a great work at hand. God bless you, keep you in His Love. I am with you often and my love is with you, my beloved friends. God bless you.