Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 13, 2019
Location: Burnaby, BC

The fate of the world rests upon each soul and the choices that they make in this world. As a soul aspires to be in the light and does so in efforts to be in communion with the Creator, then they will be uplifted and healed and blessed. The change in the world that you all desire, that we in spirit all desire, comes with each individual soul awakening and coming to a place of understanding their true selves. Until a soul is awakened, it cannot truly know itself, cannot truly be aware of all the beautiful aspects and creative potentials that God has placed within each individual.

For many, they are focused upon the ruminations and actions of the mind, the material mind, and never come to know these other parts and elements within them. This is indeed a sad state of affairs for you are meant to live in this world fully awake and alive, to be in harmony with your own creation, your own being. In this way, many of the mysteries and dilemmas that are faced by humanity may be reconciled and solved in love.

Indeed you have a choice, beloved souls, but you must come to God in order for this awakening, this blessing that is the Divine Love, to flow into your soul. In this way, this is God’s recognition of you, of your existence, your soul. In this way, you become aware and come to know the beauty of your own soul, this gift of Love from God who loves you more than you can possibly understand.

Yet, the availability, the flow of this love is endless. The soul may expand and be transformed in this light for all eternity. To begin that journey now, beloved souls, is to begin a journey towards at-onement with God. In at-onement, there is ecstatic joy, deep bliss, wondrous knowings, and many experiences of the soul. For the soul awakened in Love has its own ways of knowing, seeing, perceiving and understanding Creation. It is a journey, beloved souls, a wondrous journey. God invites every soul, no matter their condition, their past, whatever may burden them, God’s Love is still available and is waiting.

May you ask, beloved souls, for this gift and may you come to know and understand the power, the true power of love and be blessed deeply within your soul.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew, an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and a disciple of the Master, Jesus. God bless you. God bless you.