Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 17, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved souls, I come. I come to help stoke the fires of your soul that you may continue to awaken, that you may continue to understand and truly know that place within you which is your soul, that you may come to Truth in this way, that you may come to know God in this way. That all the machinations of your mind cannot truly come to the understanding and Truth that is within your souls. Within your soul lies another mind, a mind that can comprehend the universe, a mind that is capable of understanding many things far beyond the capacities of your material mind. Focus upon these gifts, beloveds. Focus upon the awakening of your souls so that in time, all may be revealed to you and God will be close, will feel close, and will be known to you.

All that keeps you from God is that which in your mind limits your understanding and your capacities to know God. Allow your mind, the mind of your soul, to awaken and to take its place as your guide, your direction keeper, your way upon the world informed by the perceptions and knowings of the soul informed by God. In this way, all plans and all acts of service may be in harmony with God’s Will. In this way, there will be no obstructions, only surprises, as doors continue to open, doors that are unanticipated, doors that are a gift from God that your soul may continue to travel in Light and serve in Love.

My beautiful brothers and sisters, know that the angels watch over you, that God’s Hand is firmly upon you, that as you seek to serve, God will indeed open those doors and possibilities. What truly gives the impetus for this is faith and a deep desire to serve, to allow what God places before you to be manifest in your lives. You must not restrict these possibilities with your ideas of what is desirable, what is comfortable, what is manageable. Instead, embrace all that God gives to you and in this, you will be strengthened, in this you will be deeply blessed and in this you will be changed so that those attitudes and restrictions of your material mind will be dissolved in the great flame of Love within your soul. As God continues to guide you, so the road will become clear, the understandings more precise, the Truth more known.

Allow God to awaken the Truth within your soul. Allow that flame of Love to continue to burn bright and feed it with your prayers and your desire to receive more of the Essence of God’s Soul, the Holy Flame of Love that brightens and transforms and heals. Let your selves be carried up into the Light that in time, you will become at-one with God, awakened fully by His Love. Let God guide you forward, knowing that as He does so, we will envelop you, we will protect you and we will ensure that your needs are met, that all flows in harmony, that all will be fulfilling and joyful.

Be my disciples, beloveds. Walk with me and I will show you the way to the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven awaits all souls who desire this, all souls that go to God in all humility and faith and pure of heart and intention, seeking the very Essence of God to flow into them. So you build each step towards that Kingdom as you pray and seek God’s Blessings.

You are my brothers and sisters and my love for you is great. May you continue to serve God and serve humanity in all the ways and means, gifts and potentials that God has blessed you with. We shall all be in the Light, hand in hand, in the Light.

God bless you. I am Jesus. My love is with you. God bless you.