Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 16, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

As we have told you in the past, the light-bringers will come together. As we have said, the thoughts and interpretations of their work and of the work of God will be different. There will the similarities that reside within the soul yet the minds of mortals have such a tendency to formulate into complex ideas the workings of God. But this does not inhibit you beloved souls from coming together and sharing your love and your light. For when you do this and the bonds, as the dear angel have said, intensify and God is able to use you all within this great network of light. This Lattice of Light continues to form in the world and this is what is important, that these connections and bonds of love and expressions of light and expressions of gifts continue to be interlaced and interwoven into this great tapestry which is God’s Plan for the Salvation of Humanity.

You are all engaged in this plan. You are all needed and you all feel the calling to continue to work towards the goal to create unity and harmony in your world. This is why you feel drawn, beloved souls. This is what bonds you together, this knowledge within your souls, that you are engaged in a work that is blessed by God. May you continue to acknowledge this. May you continue to forge greater connections, not only between yourselves but between those whom you know and work with and are open to reach forth and connect in love.

This is important. The greater the love bonds between all those who are bringing light to the world, the more powerful is the Lattice of Light, the more God can use you all to bring Truth and healing and Love to the world. Each plays their part. Each has their gifts. Each gives in their own way love and embraces all whom they meet. So the movement of light through the world begins in this way my friends, the way of light one to another, love one to another, understanding one to another, blessed joy one to another. In this powerful way the darkness is dispersed.

Soon your numbers will grow to many hundreds, many hundreds. There will be a voice rising up in the world to say that love is the currency. Love is what will bring the change. Love is from the Source. You will beseech your brothers and sisters to listen, to open their eyes, to realize that all error and the fear and the rage must dissipate in love. When love gains hold in your world in a way that all see its importance and value and necessity then the changes begin in your world. Then all the corrupt structures, these man-made idols, will dissipate. Some will be transformed and some will turn to dust.

This is God’s Will, for God’s Will to manifest on Earth because God needs His instruments and channels in the world. As you witnessed yesterday, there are eager souls, thirsting souls, eager to be in the Light, eager to understand, eager for change, eager for upliftment. So each of you must continue to forge into the world as His channels of love, His channels of truth, His channels of blessings.

Yes, you begin in humble ways. You begin to step forward and seek out ways to be of use to God. This will strengthen and grow as you continue to realize and awaken to your own potentials of the soul as God’s Love continues to pour within your soul adding that Elixir, that blessing of Light and Love that awakens all within you. God’s Essence will bring about great changes and awakenings and openings within you, beloved souls. Heed the call of God to continue to reach towards the Great Soul that is God and to desire with a deep longing within you for this alignment, for this blessing of His Love, for the awakening of your soul. The great power and strength that is needed for you to do this work comes from the power of God’s Love burning bright within you, that great Ember of Light that changes all and brings all into harmony and alignment with God.

May you continue to pray in this way, to seek in this way, and all else will fall into place, all understandings and perceptions and awareness will fall into place as the soul awakens and is able to comprehend and absorb the great Universe of God’s Creation. The mind will come to realize the Truth in all its power and glory and simplicity. There will be no misunderstandings, merely awakenings and realizations of the Truth.

God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am Andrew. I am with you upon that journey as are many angels. I continue to walk with you, to help you, to encourage you, and to love you. God bless you, my friends. God bless you.