Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  July 15, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is James Padgett. I have come close to this dear instrument because he has been thinking of me and my work. In the last few days, there has been some discussion about which messages received through various instruments is valid and not valid in terms of the Truths of Divine Love. These questions were asked in my time as well. What is valid? What information that comes from spirit is relevant to spiritual Truth? So, in your time, which is very different from my time, there are many who bring forth teachings from the spirit realms bringing with it questions of what is Truth?

When a soul is open to the blessing of Divine Love, awakened by this blessing, there are faculties within the soul which are able to discern Truth in ways that are somewhat contradictory to the logical deductions of the mind. It is more feeling in a sense rather than putting all the words together into a dialogue that makes for a truthful explanation of some subject. The soul becomes attuned to God. The soul yearns to strengthen that relationship with God and to receive the blessing of God’s Love, this tangible blessing that comes from God’s great Soul to yours through the operations of the Holy Spirit.

In this longing, this experience and journey of Truth, the mind is eager to parse together a story, an explanation for it. In my time, there were no explanations such as what was presented through my mediumship. The explanations that were popular for the day were somewhat shallow or involved the religious teachings of Christianity. So there was either the jumble of error and truth that came with studies of the Bible and interpretations of it or the curiosity of the spiritualists who were more interested in communicating with those departed relatives associated with the circle or séance as you would call it. But there was nothing that gave some depth to the yearnings of the soul or validation to these yearnings.

The beloved Master Jesus came and utilised my gifts to bring an explanation, to bring forth a guideline, a way in which the soul may clearly reach God and receive its salvation through Love. These Truths are as valid today as they were in my day. There is much Truth in what has been written and collated into the volumes that are available still.

Beloved souls, there is much that can be gleaned from these Truths, these words, though written in the way and style of messages of my day, there is still much Truth for those who are willing to take the time and effort to study them. But many in your world at this time lack the commitment, the energy and time to do so and they wish a more contemporary style and effort from mediums to bring forth these Truths. We do not judge this, this desire to continue to relay the Truths of Divine Love in words that are easier for your brothers and sisters to understand, in ways and avenues of Truth that add to the Truths that were given so many years ago and taught many years ago by the Master Jesus.

The Truth continues to be given to the world in one form or another. God continues to pour His Love, His Truth upon His children. It matters not the source. What matters is the soul inspired and open to receive Truth and to exemplify and exercise their understanding of Truth. This is what matters. Truth in itself is very simple. It is easily obtained by the soul but it is the condition of the minds of humanity that continues to stand in the way of these spiritual matters and understandings.

This is why it is important that you exercise your understanding of this Truth in this way, in these Circles of Light, in your prayers and efforts each day to reach to your Heavenly Father, to draw to you the Blessings of God. This is the Truth that matters. This is what may be given and received that has true value and a lasting effect for each one of you. God does not judge how you may come to this Truth. God rejoices in the fact that you are immersed within it and understand to some degree the possibilities of awakening your souls and deepening your relationship with God.

Yes, Truth can come without words, without the use of a gifted soul to bring it, without a teacher, without any outside forces of the material kind. Truth can come merely by the yearnings of the soul. Truth can come with the experience of the awakening of the soul. Truth is available to all souls and is simple and direct when it ignites that feeling within the soul, that stirring, that yearning, that joy. You can be sure that what that individual perceives is Truth.

God does not restrict access to Truth. God brings Truth in many different ways, through many different avenues, through many different experiences because God is aware of each soul’s yearnings, each soul’s desires to know Truth, to know their own soul, to know God, to know what is possible in their lives in order to bring light and enlightenment. Truth then does not need words. Truth can be an experience. Truth is an acknowledgement of the individual regarding the potentials of the soul and its relationship with God.

Many of you have had quite a journey towards Truth involving many different steps, some quite diverse and yet you come together in this Circle of Light. And you are together in agreement that this experience together here is Truth. No matter what word or label you put upon it, you all experience it for what it is in your own way. You all interpret what it is with your minds. At times, this interpretation is distorted and at other times, it is clear. Most often it is informed by the intensity of the experience which cuts through the filters of the mind and pierces the soul with revelation and understanding.

This is what you seek together, my friends, to receive the revelations of God within your souls, awakening, and bringing forth through understanding of the meaning of life, the power of love, who and what you are as an individual. So much may come in a simple prayer. So much comes with the yearning of your souls. It does not require great study and many words. It requires a true longing for Truth.

So what was written through me those years back may inspire souls to yearn for Truth and come to that doorway where they may experience it. And so it is with this instrument. What comes is a blessing and a way to inspire the souls towards Truth but remember, my friends, it is in your relationship with the Source of all Truth and Love, the Creator of All, that real Truth may come and reside within you as a real and living thing. Nothing will shake you from this true knowledge for it will reside as a light within you that shines bright, is eternal, and continues to grow. As you receive the blessing of God’s Love, so the flame is fed, the Truth awakens and the experience becomes real and is valid in your life.

May you know this within your souls, understand it with every part of yourselves and be freed from the constrictions and restrictions of human thought and condition to that place of soul awakening and expansion and great and wondrous joy and love.

May God bless you thus, my friends. I am James and I am with you often. God bless you.