Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 19, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Australia

I am Augustine. For many who have been with you in Circles of Light, they have been somewhat bewildered. It is not that the words that you speak, the actions that you convey are unfamiliar or startling in any way. It is your Light, beloved souls, and your commitment to God that is somewhat bewildering to those who have, shall we say a lukewarm interest in God and soul. Yet they feel within you a fire, a passion for this relationship and a deep desire to know your own souls, to express your life through your soul.

This is new to many. Yet those who have come to your Circles have all been seeking. For several they have been seeking all of their lives yet they do not feel this great passion. At best, they feel a strong commitment towards their ideas of truth. So you represent a challenge to them. When you speak, your words are simple. When you explain your perceptions of Truth, it is simple. In many cases, they project upon you religious doctrine and ideas from the Bible and all of those sources of error and influence that has come from religious thought that are not entirely complimentary. So they struggle with their ambivalence. Within their hearts, they know that you are sincere and loving and have Light. Within their minds, they project upon you a naiveté, a lack of understanding of truth, an inability to see and appreciate the complexities of the universe.

So when you pull these beautiful souls into Circles of Light and beseech God to bless each one, they feel the upliftment. They feel something that they have not felt before or has been a very rare experience in their life. Instead they are gratified by knowledge, by thoughts, by feeling they have secured a proper understanding of truth. Yet in comparison to the valid and powerful Touch of God, this is as is nothing. This is an illusion. So the challenge is within them. Can they choose this path that they perceive as somewhat naïve and bereft of knowledge? Or will they follow their hearts and come to that place of deep dedication of the soul to God? 

This reflects the condition of the world for the world continues upon its energetic pursuit of truth through knowledge, knowledge of the mind. Yet within them is a great hollow place where the soul should be alive and expanding and filling that place within them. Instead it is shriveled and neglected and unloved. 

So my friends, you bring the challenge with you wherever you go. Your very existence, your very Light is a challenge to many. You will find as you walk amoung strangers, there will be a response, often a response that is a withdrawal rather than coming close to you, a sense of something that they do not understand. But I tell you, beloved souls, your mission and your work is to love all no matter their response to you, to love all. 

This dear daughter to the right of me walks through the world bringing Light and joy to many, not judging but engaging with laughter, with some comment, some response to each one. We find it very amusing because the responses that she receives from them is often perplexity and confusion not knowing how to respond to her loving gesture. Yet somehow this response opens a crack within the soul. Something is given that is far deeper than words, far deeper than this merriment. This is a great example of a child who walks the Earth bringing the joy of God’s Love into her life, into her daily experience. 

For many of you, you are reticent. You are not so gregarious. This is not part of your personality. But I say to you, you may always say a prayer for another. You may always feel and emanate good wishes, loving, kind thoughts and intentions toward another. No matter what their circumstance, no matter who they might be, bring love. Express love. Be kind. Express gentle caring that they may indeed be blessed. For with this intention, with this openness within your hearts, God may bless that individual through you and you will have done another service for God and brought a blessing to a stranger.

There are many opportunities in a day, beloved souls, many open doors, many possibilities. You will find as you grow in the Love that you will indeed be guided. Our dear brother has talked of his beloved Care and how she listened to God’s Will. Her ear was always open to God’s whisperings and guidance. Though there were times when her intentions and actions did not make sense to this dear brother, he saw as he complied with her will that a blessing was given. Actions were directed towards Divine intent. So he too joined his beloved in loving service to God. 

My beloved daughter to the left, how she continues to strive to bring the Truth to as many as she can in creative ways using concepts and ideas that are familiar with those she reaches towards and yet adding the powerful Truth of Love, this knowledge and this Light that inspires and opens doors. So her service to God continues to be awakened and indeed she will hear that still voice directing her forward, showing her the way to greater and deeper service in Love and Truth.

This instrument continues to accept the Will of God, to allow the Will of God to work through him. As he grows and expands in the Father’s Love, so his gifts will deepen. What will manifest through him will be surprising in times to come.

Beloved souls, you are all God’s instruments. This instrumentality continues to be expressed in many ways, through many avenues whether it be music or mediumship or fun and laughter or gathering the souls together to pray or just the sweetness of your existence as you walk through life. There are many ways, many avenues that God will use you to bring blessings to others.

May you continue to be uplifted in God’s Love. May you continue to drive and yearn for this Love, this blessing, this way of life that is Divinely blessed. You will find as you continue to progress in the Father’s Love that God will show you the many ways in which you may work with the forces and blessings of the Divine intention of God to bring forth many blessings in many ways to many souls. 

Every moment, beloved and beautiful seekers of Love and Light, will be revealed to you and will be revealed often in avenues that are unanticipated and unknown to you. Remain open, beloved souls, secured in God’s Love, awakened in God’s Love and the wonderment and power and beauty of your own instrumentality in the world will grow and be added to as you grow in Love.

Walk within the Will of God, my beloveds. Walk in the Light of God and the Love of God with the intention to have your eyes open to the Will and direction of God’s Touch upon you. Many beautiful blessings and experiences and gifts and opportunities will come to you. You will be surprised and delighted and joyed by the gifts that God gives you, the opportunities that flow through you to serve humanity.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. I continue to walk by your side to help you to understand the possibilities of your own soul engaged in life and service and love. God bless you. God bless you.