Spirit: Confucius

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  June 24, 2015

I am Confucius, and I greet you with love, my beloveds.

Each of you is here because your souls long to receive the Father’s Love. And each of you feels the calling within your souls. A calling that you will soon know in a conscious way for each has purpose, each has been blessed with a purpose in this world. And as you come close to the Heavenly Father, you will come to know this purpose. And you will find joy in the execution of this purpose in the world, your special gift and contribution to mankind. A unique gift that is only yours is a reflection of the uniqueness of your being, your precious souls.

Listen to your guidance my beloveds, as the Heavenly Father speaks to you in that still voice as you seek Him in your prayers, and your quietness, and your longings. Then you will discover that unique and precious gift which you hold and can be a gift to the world if you so desire this. If you have within you the strength to walk in this Light and Gift, to express it through the Father’s flow of Love, it can bring great change, it will affect many, and it is waiting for your acknowledgment and your understanding. The Heavenly Father will guide you and show you the way to this place of recognition and understanding.

Walk in the Light beloved, beautiful souls, walk in the Light. Seek the Love and know that within you is great beauty and wondrous potential and a powerful purpose for you to share with your brothers and sisters in this world.

Blessings of peace upon you, my beloveds. Walk in the Light. I am Confucius and I love you, beloved beautiful souls, God bless you.