Spirit: Alec Gaunt

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  June 12, 2015

Friends, ‘tis Alec. I see that you all must struggle with the conditions of this world. And these condition are created by man being out of harmony with God’s Laws of Love and creation with this being compounded by the free will of mankind making choices which do not harmonize with God’s Will. Yes, this world is governed by fear and ignorance and all manner of error and you, my dear friends, must be strong in the face of these conditions and turn to your Heavenly Father with deep faith and trust in His Will for you . God will indeed clear away the obstructions and make possible many things that are wonderful and full of Light, and gifts of Love, that you may be a channel of Love in this world. You must be close to God. You must make the choice to seek God with all your heart and all your soul, to stoke the fires of desire for this within you. Because each soul desires to be with God, yet often that desire is covered over by so many conditions of the material which divert and subvert these desires. You must pray that God will keep clear this connection between you and Him, that God will pour His Light around you of protection, and peace, and Love; and He does as you put aside your cares, your judgments and your fear and all those things within you that resonate with the conditions of humanity, that you may ,for a moment, put this aside and be with God. For in these precious moments you gain the strength, the Light, the awareness, the blessings of His Divine Love so that you are strong enough to make this connection over and over until it is a constant in your lives and it influences everything that you do.

For you are in the flow of God’s Love and Will in your world. What a wondrous gift to be in this flow of His Love, to be in this world but not of the world, to be servants of His Will, to walk in Light, to know the deep and profound peace that comes with the awareness of His presence in your lives, to have the great joy that comes with His Love burning within your soul.

My beloved friends, continue in your prayers and when one road is blocked God will create another. For His Will will be done in time and if it must take a circuitous route then so be it, for mankind is continually obstructing the Will of God. But the Will of God is stronger, the power of His Love greater than the will of man. And in time mankind will realize this and accept that they are subordinate to their Creator, that for them to flourish in their lives they must include the Will of God, incorporate the Will of God within the flow of their lives. Yes, it seems so far away for many and indeed it is, but in time this will come to all mankind and you are working towards this end, my dear, beloved friends, just as I did when on Earth, so will you, and you are doing this with each day. Remember each day is a choice, each day brings new opportunities, each day brings greater Light. And it is for you to choose this, to be in this Light, to grasp these opportunities, to seek greater Love from your Creator.

You are surrounded by angels, you walk upon the Divine Path and you seek the Love. Live the Love, be the Love. Bring this consciousness of Love with you wherever you go and whatever you do, for in this is the key to great joy and a successful life. A life that creates Light, creates beauty, creates harmony and is a channel of Love.

My dear and precious friends your brother Alec loves you and has been with many of you for so long and will continue until that time when you pass into spirit. I will continue to shepherd you upon the road and watch over you and help you whenever I can. And my job is made so much easier when you submit your will to the Will of God, for this is what I do and all angels do in their service. To enact the Will of God is our joy, and our fulfillment, and our purpose, and so be it with you my friends, so be it with you. To be an angel on Earth, to enact the Will of God in your lives, what a blessing to be consciously aware of the opportunity to walk in this way and to be God’s channel of Love. Beautiful, blessed souls I love you and I am your friend and brother Alec. God bless you.