Spirit: Joseph

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  June 8, 2015

God bless you, precious souls, I am Joseph. Yes it is important to distinguish between the two loves as one embarks upon their spiritual journeys. Every soul possesses a capacity to love but not every soul possesses the Divine Essence which is God’s Love and God is Love, my beloveds. And to receive this Essence of God within, one must ask for this to flow within your souls. And many of you have spent a great deal of time and effort and prayers for this gift and you have received this gift and you can testify to the power of this gift.

It is indeed a remarkable Love, the Essence of God, which transforms the individual soul from that which you recognize as human to a Divine immortal possessing capacities and perceptions that are beyond the capabilities of a mere mortal. And in receiving the great quantities of Divine Love necessary to become a Celestial soul, all of these potentials and capacities and gifts are enlivened and become full within you and you become something different, something more beautiful, something less human. And all of the frailties and potentials which you were born with, which you are familiar with to some degree, are transformed, transmuted by the Love of God.

This is a great journey, my beloveds, to understand the ramifications of God’s great blessing of Love to the soul. It is a journey that captures your focus and your desires, that brings you along a path that is very distinct and beautiful in its qualities. It brings you to a place of understanding of who and what God is. You become familiar with your Creator in a way that is not possible with the development of the natural soul, for in order to know God in this way you must have this Essence within you in order for your perceptions and sensibilities to come into play, to allow you to perceive and understand in this deep and wondrous way.

So much awaits those who choose the Divine Path, so much. For indeed, though the potentials and the growth of the soul in this way are unlimited, this is beyond your capacity to understand at this time, my beloveds, even those of you who have prayed for the Love for so many years. Although for those of you who have tasted this Love and know this Love, you sense the immensity of its power and grace and beauty and this is what keeps you coming back to drink of these waters again and again, to seek God in your daily life and your daily prayers, in the expression of who you are in this world. And indeed, as you seek to express yourselves in loving ways as a channel of God’s Love, so this Light is reflected back to you in a myriad of ways and many souls are drawn to this Light, to the healing powers of this Love, to the comfort of this Love.

Yes, it is a wondrous journey. Many of the mysteries that you hold within your consciousness, those questions will be answered with the inflowing of God’s Love that brings a special understanding of God’s Creation and God’s Being and your creation and your being. It is a beautiful Path, a joyous Path, one that has great rewards and infinite possibilities. I urge you, beloved souls, to step upon this Path and seek what it has to offer, seek God in this way, seek to know yourselves in this way, in the Light of Love and you will know a deep and abiding peace, a joy that is so great and wonderful, and a Faith will grow within you that will be palpable and others will feel this strength, this beauty and this grace. Beloved souls, may you come to know God, may you come to know God deeply in the Light of His Love. And we the Celestial angels who have been transformed by this Love, we walk with you on your journey and show you the way that is the Divine Path. I bring my love to you. I am Joseph, the father of Jesus and I bring my love to you, beloved souls. God bless you, God bless you.