Spirit:  Matthew

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  December 29, 2016

God bless you, and I have come because this instrument read a message of mine within the book, the Judas book. I have come to speak to you about change, for the coming year will reflect many changes for you personally and for this world.

God has brought a wave of energy, of blessings for this world that will bring change, change in many different ways on many different levels. Change that will come, and in many ways recreate this world so that it is more harmonious, that there is more love. You must reflect within yourselves, beloved souls, what is happening within as God pours His Divine Love within you. Does this not bring change? Does this not enliven your souls, bringing a new depth and aspect of perception, an expression of your being? And in this you change your perspective, your priorities, what is important and the focus of your expression in your life and your world.

The light of God’s Love brings a certain wisdom, a certain clarity, a greater capacity to love and this, if you are true to yourselves, will emerge and be expressed in your lives. So, my beloveds, you must be prepared to change, to change many things about yourself and many outward expressions and priorities and change is often difficult for the mortal who is so dependent upon habit, routine, their minds focussed on building what they call reality which is, in many cases illusion. And to have these underpinnings in your lives disrupted, bringing about a less sure state within you emotionally and of the mind, you become confused and concerned and insecure. But my beloveds, is it not better to open your eyes to reality than to continue to live in error and a false reality built within you by those who educate and have nurtured you as a child, who have passed on many errors and delusions from generation to generation? Is it not better to be released from these conditions? For the power of God’s Love brings about the cleansing of the soul, expelling the error, the hurt and the illusions within you. Yes, it takes strength to walk in the light, to accept that many things that you hold dear within your minds is not of God but of the illusions that mankind carries. To readjust, to find clarity and strength and truth you must first let go of the error.

There is nothing to fear in change and when there is fear it is in your difficulty in letting go of old and unnecessary ideas. Beloveds, you forge a trail of truth. You look within yourselves in an attempt to love yourselves, to heal yourselves and to express love to others. As God carries you through this journey of awakening, you must be strong for if you are not strong and you continue to resolutely hold on to your illusions you will not be able to help your brothers and sisters in this transformative time.

You live in a very special time, my beloveds, a time of further awakening of mankind, a time of healing this world, a time of bringing more truth and light and love. But in all times of change and healing and bringing in greater harmony, there is pain, the pain of adjustment, the pain of letting go of the old. You my beloveds, have been asked to forge this path. You take this route in faith, trusting in God so that you may accomplish within yourselves what others must do in the near future. And you will be asked to lead, to lead by example and love, to explain, to show those who are lost and those who are confused what is truly happening in your world. And you must be prepared firstly in prayer, receiving more of the Father’s Love, gaining more of a footing within the new reality of truth, the clear reality of truth and to love yourselves powerfully enough that you will allow this new reality to envelop your entire being and that the resistance of your minds may succumb to the power of the love within your souls.

This is your challenge coming, my beloveds, the challenge of each day to shift a little more, to adjust, to accept and to have your own inner awakening, an awakening that shall change everything; how you see the world, how you see yourselves, how you see God, how the world is ordered and the wonderment of the creation of our Creator. This will take some doing to migrate from a place dominated by your mind and all that is within that mind of yours, to a place of soul, of soul awareness, a true connection with the Creator in a conscious and powerful way that you may function in accordance with God’s Will and His Laws within this perfect harmony that will bring the expressions of God through you in clear and wondrous ways. Many, many manifestations of God’s beautiful blessings will come through you and will be for the benefit of many in this world.

Beloved souls, you have prayed for this. God yearns for you to express this in the world. The world is eager to receive this but first you must come to that place of being in alignment with God, of releasing those things within your mind that create an obstruction towards this wondrous flow of God’s Will and Love. Yes, for some of you it has been many years of prayer, of taking a road that is in one way committed but in another you have nurtured and valued the power of your minds so that you may function in this world, garnering the success of the material, values and perceptions and this is understandable. You live in this world but now comes a time of transition, of taking on a new reality, of coming to truly know your own souls and to be in harmony with God’s Will. How many in your world see this as important and to be a focus of life? Very few indeed. But you my beloveds, you see that you have a purpose in this world which God has implanted within each one of you. It is time now to accept and express what it is, this deep and powerful purpose within you.

May God bless you on your journey, my beloved souls and bring you to a place of clear understanding, of resolute commitment, of acceptance and of joy. For all of this will open many doors that await and bring you upon a journey so fantastic and unanticipated that when you look back you will be truly amazed at how God’s Will has unfolded in your lives. Many, many souls will be touched by this and you will have earned a place in the light when you transition into the world of spirit. The joy you will find within yourselves will override any regret or fear or concern. You will know that you are firmly within the embrace of the Heavenly Father. You will be truly blessed, my beloveds, and you will be known in the world as carriers of truth and light.

It is time to walk through that threshold to a new way of being, to a new life born in light and truth, love and joy. It awaits you, your choice, your efforts, your prayers, your willingness to lay down the old and tired ways and adopt the ways of God in every aspect of your lives.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Matthew and I love you. I will come again and speak when the time is right. God bless you, beloved, beautiful souls. You carry so much light. God bless you. God bless you.