Spirit: Andrew

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Hawaii, United States of America

Date: December 7th, 2016

May the Father’s Love find a constant inflowing into your souls. May you be in that prayerful place where the Father’s Love is carrying you ever forward in beautiful, graceful swirls along this mighty river of light, taking you upon a journey that is within the Will of God. That you may feel the grace of this movement, the peace of this journey, the excitement of what is to come, the power of His Love to bring you into at-onement with His great and wondrous soul.

Your journeys have just begun, my beloveds, your journeys have just begun and many changes are coming for you and for this world. You must be open and receptive to God’s promptings; seeking God’s guidance, allowing the force of His Will to enact within you and within your life. That His Love may touch all that which is within you and the way of His Love and the gifts of His Love, may be an expression of all that you are within yourselves so that it may come forth and touch many.

My beloveds, you do not realize the power that you carry in love, the light that you have and you do not sense what is to come; other than with anticipation, curiosity and intrigue.

My beloveds, much is coming that will bless you but also challenge you. The world is changing and you are changing. So much for you to deal with, to reconcile with, as the eddies and currents bring you to a different place, a different understanding, an understanding of your soul. Indeed the world will take on a different hue and perspective and you will not go back to the old ways, you will be absorbed in love, your minds will be changed in love. How you see, how you feel, your sensibilities, your thoughts, your motivations, your perceptions will all change, my beloveds, and the world will be different, not just because you are different but because the world is changing and will be different.

And so, as this transformative process continues in the world and within you there will be a meeting of both in harmony. Where you will see and perceive the way of truth and the way of God’s Will, that you may convey to others what is happening, why it is happening and how it will happen. This will come to your consciousness and you will see through the clouds of confusion to a place of clarity and strength, helping many upon your way as you too accept the changes God will bring to this world.

Yes, I believe that you all feel a sense of change coming and you feel within yourselves shifts and different currents. Accept the flow of God’s Love, allow His Love to work its wonders within you and you will be fully equipped to deal with whatever comes. You will be in the light; you will have the clarity of which I speak, you will know which way to proceed and you will be guided to many souls who will seek your comfort and wisdom and strength and love.

Change is a gift. It is often difficult to adjust to but it is a gift nonetheless. For as things change around you, it is, in this regard, a renewal of life where all humanity will come to recognize how precious life is, how beautiful is God’s Creation and will come to know from a deeper place many truths as awarenesses  blossom within them. For God will bring what is required to bring this new understanding and you must comfort those who are frightened and disoriented.

Though you anticipate change, many do not, many are lost in the fog of darkness and ignorance and you, as well as many others, will be inspired and guided to help lift the children out of their darkness and confusion and show them the simple truth of God that will gift the world with change and renewed life.

There is nothing to fear, my beloveds, there is much to gain in this new way,a new world and much to gain within your own souls as you continue to be with the Heavenly Father in his love pouring within you.

When change comes you will accept it and those fears you have of deprivation, of loosing all that you have worked so hard to gain and accumulate in the material world will fall away. You will be able to release that which is not in harmony and gain that which is. It is the fear within your minds that must be released, replaced with faith and a surety that your Heavenly Father will guide you and knows what is best for you, for all of His children.

Because the world suffers greatly, this precious earth must be healed and brought back into balance and too much suffering is with all of humanity and they too must be healed and brought back to an equilibrium and yes, some will reject the invitation to a new life and  a new world but many will turn towards this opportunity and accept the invitation to begin anew, to build a foundation on love and respect, awareness and gentleness. To bring goodness for all and released their fears and their error.

And you, my beloveds, must be bold, declare the truth, bring a stability, strength, calm and peace and truth to all in the flow of God’s Love. You feel the comfort of His embrace around you all. God will not leave you, nor will we in spirit. You will be protected, you will be in the flow of God’s Love, you already are. Carry with you, my beloveds, the strength and peace and joy that you have obtained in these days together. Carry it with you for you will need this in the coming days and it will serve you well. The most precious thing that you posses, my beloveds, is a soul enlivened by God’s Love and your greatest strength is your faith and your greatest truth is knowing that you are loved and you can reach up to your Heavenly Father for His strength, His guidance, His touch upon you and with this, with these truths, this strength and light you may share much with your brothers and sisters in the world. For in any storm the soul that is calm, the soul that steadies those around it is the one that will be looked to.

You will be guided to many souls; many souls will be guided to you. Continue to pray with them and teach them to pray, teach them of the Father’s Love, teach them of these simple truths and these seeds that you sow will take root in many, many souls.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Andrew and I love you.