Spirit: Stephen
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March, 13, 2019
Location: Monroeville, PA

God bless you beloved souls. I am Stephen. You know me as St. Stephen of the Bible. There are many changes coming to your world and to your lives. When you have dreams and portents of what is to come, do not dismiss this, beloved souls, but know that God is communicating to you through your soul and that in this communication comes insights, visions, and things that are to come. Though, yes, your mind may interpret these things in certain ways, there is a kernel of truth.

There is a power to this gift of insight that will inform your future and inform your direction. For God is preparing each of you for the times to come. God is preparing you to step forward as his channels of love and truth in the world. Each one will play their part. Each soul will find the road on which they may trod and express their gifts and bring the truth of God through these gifts and the power of their souls imbued with love.

So my beloved children, know that many things are possible. Many blessings and what you may call miracles may come through you given your faith and your dedication to these truths. We who accompany you from our side of life know the potentials of your souls, see the possibilities that are laid before you, and know to some degree the future of this world. We encourage you with our influence and we bring to bear our gifts in order to assist you in this awakening of the soul. Be prepared for ever more experiences such as you have had my son (B)- intense, informative, rich – in the communications from God to you.

For each of you here and those who are a part of your gathering of souls that are being prepared by God will be influenced and will have many such experiences to open the soul’s awareness to a conscious mind, to bring forth a sense of destiny, an understanding of the power of God’s will within your lives. Much more is to come, beloved souls. Depending upon your receptivity and your gifts, you will have many experiences and insights and visions.

This is God’s gift to you, beloved souls, so that when that time to act comes, all is not confusing and foreign and misunderstood. Merely these experiences will come to your minds and awaken the memory and the understanding of your soul so that you may step forward with confidence and strength and love. So that God may use you effectively, beloveds. All in preparation, all bringing to you a clear insight, an understanding of what is to come. God gifts you in many different ways and many layers of understanding, preparation, and truth for we teach you daily. We prepare you thoroughly. We keep you in this light as you continue to pray and ask and are open to the many blessings that God has to give.

You are deeply blessed, beloved souls, deeply blessed. A great strength is building within you. Though for some there is a sense of instability, change, emotional turmoil at times, all is in preparation, all is in the cleansing and strengthening of your soul. You must have faith. When these things come and sweep you away with such feeling, I tell you beloved souls, it is a healing of the deep parts within you. This healing is a great gift, though you may feel out of sorts and difficulties may come and life is not easy.

All of these things will strengthen you, beloveds, and you will be a new soul transformed by the Father’s Love. That strengthened soul, that remade soul transformed in Love will be able to transmit the truth of God, will be able to bring the blessings of God, will be able to be a rock for those who are lost, who cling to as the winds of change sweep over this land. Yes, to be this rock, this stabilizing force, you must be strong and you must be able to withstand the onslaught of the changing conditions of your world.

Yes, God has picked you, beloved souls, to do this work and you know this within your soul and you have assigned yourself to this work and must accept what comes in this preparatory phase of change and strengthening and opening. It is not easy, but change is not easy. Flushing through the old conditions, releasing these things is not easy. But each in their own way must endure this journey and allow the transformative love of God’s Touch to have its effects, to transform in many ways, to strengthen in all ways.

Beloved children, you are deeply blessed. I am with you my son. I am with you. One who walks with you on your path. There is much work to do, much work. You will continue to be prepared and strengthened and guided. Carry the truth with you. Hold it high and say, “This is the Light of God, the Truth of God, the wonderment of God’s Touch.” Do so in joy and strength and love.

Be at peace, beloved souls, and know that God’s Love is the greatest power of all the universe. This power to heal and transform, to make new and beautiful is with you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Stephen. I am happy to speak to you this day, a new day, a new dawn. I will be with you my son as you speak to the children. Know this and be at peace. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.