Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 8, 2019
Location: Meyersdale, PA, USA

The cold winds of earth buffet every soul, making for challenging conditions and life experiences that cause much pain, confusion and difficulties. Yet so very few reach out to God for God’s blessings and help so that their lives may be comforted and supported in love. This is the message I wish to give to you all, beloved souls. Seek God, seek the blessing of His Love, seek for the blessings that come with the presence of your angel friends. This will uplift and guide and heal and bring greater joy to your souls.

So few know how to ask nor do they understand the power of prayer. And yet all of you here, all these beautiful souls who are in this circle of light have the potential, and for the most part the knowledge, to come to know God in a deep and powerful way. In this way all of these winds that blow and buffet you cannot topple you for you are firmly grounded in light. You have God’s Hand upon you. You will know the beauty and wonderment of your own souls because you continue to seek this gift and know the power and beauty, glory of God’s Love.

There is a great light here amongst you. There are many doors open to you for indeed the power of free will ensures that if you so choose to receive this gift, to follow God’s guiding hand, you will know a great light, much wisdom, and the truth that comes with love. It is indeed your choice as it is with every soul. But know that no matter what you choose, beloveds, God will guide you into light in one way or another. God will guide you to that place where you will come to know light.

But the higher truth, the greater blessing comes with the inflow of the Divine Love into your soul thus changing your soul irrevocably and bringing wonderful, magnificent awakenings and knowings that come with the soul whose eyes are open, whose mind understands, whose source of joy is God’s Love. So my beloveds, each of you within your soul is eager for this and each of you has a choice: will I follow the desires of my soul or will I continue to live the life material where my mind, my material mind has precedence and guides me in life? It is a choice and I who come from the Celestial Kingdom will tell you that those who choose to have their souls awakened with this gift will know the glories of Heaven, glories and wonderments, joys and truths that I cannot tell you now for you do not have the eyes to see or know. But I tell you, I promise you, you will know this wonderment, you will know these glories, you will know joy beyond joy, truth beyond truth, the peace that passes all understanding, light so bright you cannot see with your material eyes or you would be blinded. These things are in Heaven. Seek the road to at-onement with God and all these things and more will come to you, these great blessings in ever greater measure and abundance will flow, touch ing you deeply and bring the answers to the questions that you have. Within your souls will come such a capacity to love, such a deep compassion, such an understanding of the suffering of men that you will seek to uplift all that you see, all that come into your life. This comes with the blessing of the soul.

May God bless you deeply, my beloved brothers and sisters, may God bless you deeply. May you come to know God’s Love for you that is infinite, that will bring great change within that will bring deep peace and joy. It is a gift beyond all gifts, a blessing that is of the highest and it is here for you, beloveds, it is here for you. God bless you. I am Andrew and I have great love for you all. God bless you, beloved souls. I love you.