Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 12, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is your teacher, Augustine. The pressure is building beloved souls, the pressure that is mounting from the flow of God’s blessings and energies towards the Earth. That flow of blessing encounters the resistance of humanity, its desire to maintain the status quo in your world and to resist change inviting an adjustment towards that which is in greater harmony with God’s Laws. So this tug of war between humanity and God is creating tensions within the hearts of man. Yet, in the case of God, He pours more of His Love and more of His blessings forth until that resistance breaks, the dam is burst, and there is a great pouring out of light and love and upliftment upon humanity. 

This great blessing does not assure that all humanity will feel uplifted. Rather, for many it will come as a great challenge, a challenge that will open their consciousness inward so that they may come to see their true nature and their true soul condition. Because of this, many will be disturbed and distraught, because to see in this way, beyond those protective barriers that have been created within the individual’s mind, to go to that place of deep vulnerability and deep pain, is difficult, and it is understandable that many will feel distraught. 

Will you be there, beloved souls, when your brothers and sisters are in a state of great confusion and pain? Will you be there as a rock, a light, a channel of love for those around you? The gifts and blessings that you receive together in this way, and singly in your prayers, are not meant to be hidden. Jesus says, “Do not hide your light under a bushel, but step forward in light.” It is important that you utilize and allow God to utilize all the gifts, all that is within you that is of love so that you may also contribute to this great outpouring of love and light to your brothers and sisters. For God will use you in this way, and in the experience of being a channel of love and light, you will know the joy and the possibilities that God has placed before you to be His instruments.

You cannot know how this will manifest. Your imagination cannot comprehend the wonderment of this outpouring of love for humanity. Rather, as you continue to seek at-onement with God, harmony with all that is of God’s Laws of Love, awakening to the deeper aspects of your own self, so you will come to experience and truly be a part of this great plan, this great effort that is Divinely orchestrated to heal humanity of their darkness, pain and error. 

May you come to see yourselves as a true and pure channel of God’s Love and Light. May you truly be in alignment with God’s Will. May you find yourselves in circumstances and situations where God may use you to comfort, to feed, to uplift, to give to your brothers and sisters in whatever way and means that God provides for you and through you. Each day offers this opportunity. Each day is a deep blessing and a deep gift to learn to be a channel of light and love and to be clear of all those conditions that are impediments to this. The world is being challenged and so are you, beloveds. May you see these challenges as great gifts and blessings. May you dig deep within yourselves and bring forth the strength that is within your soul, the wisdom that resides there, the love pouring through you as your soul is that instrument, that channel for God’s Love.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May you come to know your true selves and what that is and manifests in the world. You are His children. We are all God’s children. May we come to be in harmony and peace and love with God and all that God intends for this world. 

God bless you, beloveds, God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine, and I am with you as you pray, as are many angels from the Celestial Heavens. God bless you and keep you in light. Our love is with you all, beloved souls. God Bless you.