Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 13, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you, my beloved friends. I am Orion. Our work continues to progress and so does the light within you brighten as you continue on this path of truth and love, this universal path, taken by so many not only in your world but the universe. For when the majority of humanity comes to realize this truth and apply it to their lives, they will open the door to many others who reside in other worlds, not just in the spirit but in the material world. They will be close and come to support humanity in this great venture and adventure of the soul.

For now, your journey remains a struggle and there are many impediments which present themselves daily because you go against the flow of human endeavour and consciousness. You are confronted by the resistance of others around you who recognize this difference, who are unsure of your expressions in life. Indeed, everything must begin somewhere and must have its origins from some source. So, through your soulful acknowledgment of purpose and your incarnation on this Earth plane, you have become the forerunners of this universal truth. Each of you expresses this truth in your own individual way. Each of you lives your life from your unique perspective and yet you are unified, soul to soul. As your soul opens and becomes more conscious, so you recognize one another as true brothers and sisters on this wayward planet.

A sense of connection and these bonds of love will continue to grow as you grow in love. This is an important aspect of the work that we do together, my friends, for without these bonds of love growing and thriving, you become isolated on your journey. Although one individual may be a powerful channel for the world, a collection of individuals who are in synchronization and in harmony with one another becomes a formidable channel of light for the world.

We encourage you, my beloved friends, to continue with these exercising of bonds, the growing of love amongst you. The harmonization of thought and approach, these things are important, for without unity in mind and soul, the work that we do together becomes much more difficult. Indeed, the goal is to create such a formidable channel of light in the world that it will bring changes. It will open the minds of others and their hearts. Within you, you know this is your purpose, to help awaken humanity to the truth, to help each individual understand that they are on a spiritual journey and that there are choices to be made upon that journey.

You must exercise great wisdom and diplomacy when you use your words to communicate with others. Each individual has within them deep biases but also those elements of perception and thought which may harmonize with your words. We will help you with this, my friends. It is important that you step forward into the world with the conscious realization that you are God’s channels of truth. With this realization the opening of support and influence comes, not only from us but from your Celestial friends and bright spirits. There are many forces involved and we are all dedicated to this venture to bring truth to humanity at this time for as you are well aware, this is a crucial time in the development of the human species. As you say in your lingo, it is a make-or-break time for humanity for if humanity cannot overcome the impediments that have been created by human thought and endeavour which are contrary to the universal laws, God’s Laws, then humanity will perish and no longer exist upon this world. 

This is not what is intended for each soul is a magnificent creation of God. But each soul must come to realize its own potential and who they truly are. Without self-awareness and without mutual understanding of the true nature of existence, those higher aspects of human endeavour thought and action, cannot become realized in the world in such a way that it will change the patterns of thought and behaviour. It is in changing these patterns that the beginning of the work is at this time. To convince your brothers and sisters that how they view the world and how they respond to the world is but a small sliver of the great sphere of awareness that can come to each individual.

Your scientists are very proud of their accomplishments. Indeed, in the material sense, these accomplishments are impressive, although there are many in the universe that are far beyond this level of material accomplishment. Yet, those civilizations that have been successful in the universe are those that have a balance within them between the spiritual and the material. As you well know, this message has been repeated multiple times to humanity that they must devote, at least in part, time to explore their own spiritual nature and to develop it.

Of course, many do not know how this can be accomplished. They rejected religions and doctrines that are old and often riddled with error. This is not necessarily something that is bad. But instead, it opens the door to higher thought and approach. Who will step through that door to teach others? Who of you are willing to let go of your restrictions and mental habits in order to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and a higher level of expression in the world? You know the key to how this is accomplished- by developing your soul in a relationship with the Creator, the Great Soul and seeking that Essence transforms it and awakens it.

 I fear that many of you are waiting for that day where the great transformation takes place, where there is a clear avenue of expression through you. Unfortunately, this is not the way these instrumentalities are developed. Rather, it is in tandem with your efforts and expressions through the mind with that of the soul and the soul’s wisdom venturing forth into the world and expressing oneself with deep intention and desire to serve. In this way a whole world of opportunities opens up to you, each of you. It is often the restrictions and expectations of the mind which hold you back, my friends.

Instead, you need to be in alignment with God in a conscious way and let go of those old patterns and expectations so that something new and wonderful can take its place. When this process is happening within each of you, it is important that you exercise the newness, the beauty, and the wonder that is coming through to your consciousness, and be that individual that is forming and developing. For many of you, this is a fearful time, a time where you are afraid of stumbling and falling within your efforts toward this goal. Yet, as with anything upon this material plane of yours, it is inevitable that there will be mistakes made and that there will be some hurts and bruises of the ego.

Yet, as you venture forward bravely, focusing upon the great purpose of your soul which is to serve God in truth thereby serving humanity, the rewards will come, the upliftment, support and the love that is showered upon you, will be great. It is worth those difficult times and challenges for who and how many of you will truly walk the path that has been laid before you so that you may teach others the truth of love, the power of love, and the grace of Love from God? It is a simple message. It does not require lots of complicated explanations. It merely requires dedication and faith, commitment and consistency. Each of you is capable of this. Each of you has many gifts yet to be discovered, things that are emerging.

Though often you walk with leaded feet which slow you immensely from that time of great progress, of releasing those impediments, removing that cloak that you have worn from the beginning, being free in the light of truth and the expression of truth in your true self awakened. Are you willing to step forward, beloved souls? If it is fear of material deprivation, I can assure you that the forces aligned with you will ensure that your needs are met. If it is fear of embarrassment or rejection, I can tell you that many more will embrace you in love. If it is fear of losing oneself, becoming that individual that people frown upon and talk behind their back in derisive ways, this is the way of the world, but you are strong and you will overcome such negative responses with love.

There is nothing that can hold you back at this stage of your progression and development other than those old impediments of the mind, those old fears and biases, that human part of you that continues to assert itself and insist on being dominant. Can you let this go, my friends? For if you can and you step forward in the ways that I have explained, then the materializations and manifestations that you so aspire toward will be readily available to you and through you. It is you that hold back these expressions of spiritual gifts. It is not us, for we are at the ready at any moment. We continue patiently to wait.

I am not putting pressure upon you, my friends, insisting that you must step forward. I am merely explaining why you have not seen the results that you so anticipate and expect. You must be honest with yourself and look clearly within. In this process, you will be assisted by your angel friends and by us to help see and help see solutions, and ways beyond these conditions. As I have said many times and you have heard many times from others, a great array of resources are available to you, each of you. Utilize those resources. Be in alignment with what is God’s Will and what is in harmony with God’s Laws. You have advanced thus far through great prayer and dedication. You are on the cusp of great change and shifts within your consciousness and your expressions in the world.

Now is the time to break free from the shackles of the human condition. Now is the time to acknowledge your true selves and the wonderment that is your true self. Now is the time to be a clear and beautiful channel of love, light, and truth. Now is the time, my friends. Release that cloak that is so tattered and worn and has no usefulness for your present condition and life. Be free, my friends, and know in freedom comes great love and wondrous blessings and expressions which are all part of this great gift from God.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Orion. My love for you is great. Know that you are loved. Each one of you is loved so dearly and deeply, appreciated for who you are, and how you have overcome so very much thus far. Break through the barrier for the walls are very thin indeed at this time. Come forward in the purity and beauty of light and truth and you will know such depths of joy in your heart that you will dance and sing and express yourselves in this joy. Blessings to you, my friends. May His Love continue to awaken you and empower you and transform you. God bless you. God bless you on the journey. Orion is here and I love each of you, beloved souls.