Spirit: Dr Gordon Leonard
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 26, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My name is Dr. Gordon Leonard. I have been working with this circle and group in the area where they reside for many years, helping to uplift and heal my beloved brothers and sisters who walk upon the Earth plane, that plane so stricken by many pitfalls and physical and emotional problems, so much, so many complicated things upon the earthly plane. I am a Celestial Angel. I continue to work with many upon the Earth for I was a medical doctor when I walked upon the Earth. I will administer to all those who have asked for healing and blessings as will many angels be dispersed at this time to many corners of the world because of your prayers.

I want to affirm the power of faith for it is with the expression of faith within your heart and soul and mind when you ask for the prayer or blessing of healing upon another that this may be accomplished. Without your sincere belief, understanding and feeling that this blessing will indeed come to an individual or even to yourselves, then the power of God’s Touch upon that individual is only determined by the power of your faith for that faith within, that true knowing is what opens the channel of healing for another. When they are receptive, then of course, that communication from God to the individual is complete and healing may happen, miraculous healings, for the physical body is not as you may perceive, as a solid and difficult thing to manipulate or change. It is fluid and cells may react to energies, blessings, and intentions.

So, you must see the world in this way, that indeed, what looks as if it is solid matter is indeed very fluid and responsive to energies and thoughts. So it is with your lives in general that you must take heed of your thoughts and your intentions. When you profess love for your brothers and sisters and for yourself and you ask for a blessing, a healing, an upliftment for the world, you are engaging your soul. That soul is lifted up with faith. Faith brings the great response from God. 

There is much that can be accomplished in this way as you continue to change in your perceptions and understanding of the physical world and come to see this world as very pliable and changeable. Indeed, it does change every moment with the prevailing conditions of your earthly plane. Unfortunately, these conditions are often dark, difficult and painful. It is for you to rise above those human conditions and seek for something higher with a deep desire to be in alignment with all that is of God and God’s Laws of Creation.

My friends, there is so much to know in regard to understanding God’s Laws of Creation. It is layer upon layer of what you call reality . When you are able to engage on multiple layers of realities and those realities are in alignment with God, then you may be a truly impactful agent for change and healing, light and love. But these things only come when your souls are awakened with the great power of God’s Love. When your insights, your faculties contained in that deeper nature that is within the soul, coming up and bubbling forth into your conscious self, they may help you to understand and to perceive the true condition and reality of a particular situation or individual.

These things, of course, I did not know when I practiced medicine upon the Earth plane. We merely took the surface indications and diagnoses of the body and tried from that information to bring a desired result of healing. But you, my friends, each of you, are upon a journey where you may open up to many, many things that are not readily perceived by the mind. I urge you to continue to have faith in what is unfolding within you, to be attuned to these changing perceptions and truths that are coming to your conscious self as your soul is strengthened in love and awakened with the Elixir of God’s Great Essence pouring within, bringing such a vital force, an eternal force that will bring many awakenings, many perceptions.

So, the coming year will be a year of awakening, not only for you but for the world. It is time for humanity to see beyond their rudimentary mental conditions and perceptions and go beyond that place that is so locked in, narrow, and erroneous of thought and perception. Open wider to the things of God and the wonderment of God’s creation, it will bring you all much joy and wonderment for in the awakening of your soul comes not only a deepening of your faith but also a deepening of your capacity to love and perceive and to act within the Will of God.

This is God’s desire, for you to truly act as His instruments, His companions, His active agents to bring greater truth and love and light, harmony and peace with the power of love. Each of you are capable of many things but often you are distracted by your own struggles and pains and of those around you. Indeed, it is a difficult road, not one easily taken. As you become more sensitive, as you perceive more deeply, as you see the world from the eyes of the soul rather than that of your material self, you will find that this journey of awakening can be a double-edged sword, that you will see many wondrous things that will uplift you and bring you joy. You also will see the depth and breadth of the human condition and how indeed, all of these terrible conditions and burdens and struggles are a reflection of the multiple choices of humanity expressed over Millennia. 

It is a great and wondrous journey that you are on, my friends. Indeed, to see the depth and breadth of the work that is ahead, how humanity is in great need of change and shifts, of understanding, of releasing those conditions that bring them down to such a rudimentary level of experiencing life, these things can be daunting as one sees what is truly needed in the world. 

I say to you, my friends, it is faith that will uplift you. It is faith in God’s Will and God’s plan for humanity that will bring you up into light and joy. You must be in that place, for to join your brothers and sisters in the darkness is to acknowledge defeat. You must be in the light. You must be strong. You must see all things from the perception of light and harmony and peace. Although the mind has great difficulty with this as it continues to judge and assess and make more real the reality of the physical plane so that you feel stuck within that reality.

I say to you, my friends, there are multiple realities. You may engage in those perceptions of reality and expressions of reality that are of a higher level and are of the soul. I urge you to continue to seek out your soul, to be sensitive to those signals and experiences that come from that place deep within you, that very source of your being, for this will be the answer to all the dilemmas, all the painful conditions, all those things which cause humanity to struggle.

They must release their grip upon that which they have created and come to that place of recognition of what God has created. In this way, they will find themselves liberated from these heavy conditions of the Earth plane. I urge you to seek liberation, my friends, the liberation of the soul for in this way, you will find that you may utilize the resources of heaven, those things of light, to help unburden your brothers and sisters and yourself. It this is the time where much effort must be made to bring light to your world.

I acknowledge each and every one of you in your efforts, my friends, to see your way through the dark planes into light, to come to the truth of the power of love to transform, to heal, to awaken. These things will continue to come to you in ever greater measure as you release that which is not of God and that which is not of light. Have faith in yourselves, my friends. Have faith in all things that are of God. In this way you may accomplish a blessing of healing for your loved one, your brother, your sister in the world. You may be God’s instrument, channel for such a blessing. 

Test this out and  ask for healing for another and see what may come. Indeed, there are many angels who are at your beck and call as you incite God’s response to your prayers. Be assured that we are able and willing to be close, to help uplift, to help nurture your soul. We make great efforts to divest you of those conditions and burdens of the earthly plane so that you may rise up and be close to God and light.

God provides for His children always. He is generous. He is loving. He embraces all His children. May you feel and know truly His embrace, my friends. Know the comfort of that embrace, feel the upliftment of His embrace, feel the joy of His Love flowing into your souls. 

Beloved and beautiful friends, you embark upon a new year, a time for renewal, a time for rededication, a time to be together in greater harmony and peace. May God bless you with a true desire and intention to be in greater light and love, that your souls may truly awaken further, your perceptions deepen, your capacity to love widen, that you may truly be God’s instruments on Earth, for you are sorely needed, my friends, so very needed.

I thank you for listening to me today. I am Dr. Gordon Leonard. I am happy to assist you in whatever situation, dilemma, condition that is in need of healing. God bless you, my friends, keep you in His Light and embrace always. God bless you.