Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 01, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beautiful children of God, I am Seretta Kem. I come to assure you that the coming year will be a year that will be productive, surprising, and unique in its unfoldment. That much you may anticipate for this coming year will not necessarily be the outcomes that will be expressed. Rather, this year will be dependent upon your day-by-day efforts in faith, in prayer, and in receiving the guidance that God has to give you.

As you have discovered, nothing is written in stone on your earthly plane. It is a fluid place, a place where many changes come and go, a place where many conditions rise up and fall away. It is important that you are receptive to God’s Will and that you build that receptivity within your soul, receiving the great gift of His Love that empowers the perceptions and the capacities to be guided with each day.

There is most certainly a plan. The unfolding of that plan will be determined by your continued progress and the unity that you share together. Do not take for granted the strength and the power and the consistency of these efforts you are making in prayer. You have built a very strong foundation, and you will continue to build this foundation which will bring to you awakenings and perceptions and experiences heretofore unanticipated.

Your challenge and responsibility are to remain open, to not pre-judge or pre-determine was is to come as to your work and the flow of this work. Rather, with the ability to be flexible and the openness of your minds, souls, and hearts in alignment with God, so many things will be manifest that you would not have imagined or anticipated. Be strong in your faith. Be loving and generous in your acts of service. Allow yourselves to venture forward even when you feel you do not have a firm grasp on the direction. In this way, such flexibility will lead you down roads that are important to explore and to express.

As your gifts, perceptions, and light grows, transforming in the Father’s Love, so you are His clear and beautiful channels. You will express yourselves in ways that are not usual for your patterns and ideas of who you are. For who you are in your mind, those ideas of  personality and those goals and values that you carry in a material way will be upended by the transformation of your soul. So, you will find that many things that you valued and deem important in your life may indeed be transformed or be released and new ideas come, new perceptions awaken, new avenues of expression opening.

So much is awaiting you, my friends. It is the great adventure, that road less travelled.  You brave and beautiful souls will continue to step forward and walk upon that road less travelled, discovering the new ways, the ways that are in harmony with love, in harmony with God’s creation, ways that have been long, long lost in the world, and ways that need to be reignited and re-established.

You will find yourself a bit of a revolutionary in this regard, as to your thinking and the ways you may perceive the world and perceive yourself in it. Yes, as you may anticipate, others will feel concerned for you, may even reject you in these ways. Yet how is the world to transform if there are not those willing to walk this path of transformation and carry with them the new perceptions and attitudes, desires, expressions of the soul that will enlighten and light the path to a new world?

You will find as you continue to shift and awaken, more joy will come into your hearts,. More of a sense of rightness, of harmony, of balance will flood your being and bring you to that place where you are walking the road that God wishes for you to walk. You will feel close to God, close to your angel friends, your stellar friends, all those who are here to help ignite the change that must come, not only in you and your personal life but in the world so that all may shift directions toward greater light.

Many changes are coming, my friends. You will find yourself accepting and embracing the changes and allowing yourself to step forward in joy and acceptance. Of course, God will not circumvent your free will. The timing of this, the extent of your desire and acceptance to embrace this is completely determined by yourself. But I give you this bit of prophesy for your lives because the challenge of the great shift is upon us all. It is important that you come to recognize where the focus must be in your lives and where the truth must manifest in your lives.

In order for you to be truly clear channels of God’s Will, purveyors of God’s Truth, lights that reflect His Love, it is time to release that one foot you have in the material conformity and sense of the material ideals that man has established and put two feet firmly upon the path that God has established for you. You cannot do this by having your mind embroiled within the material world, focusing your efforts and thoughts and expressions in such a way that it draws away from these higher desires and expressions that God gives to you each day.

Of course, the challenge is to integrate the two in a way that brings harmony, in a way that does not destroy one or the other but brings both together so that light and love shines through all. Such a challenge it is, a challenge that very few in your world have accomplished. But indeed, this is your challenge for this has been your choice to walk in the world in truth, in love, as a channel of love. 

The coming year is reflective of God’s invitation which intensifies with every moment. Join me in the flow, enfoldment and expression of my plan for the salvation of humanity. Join me and become a part of this in such a way that you become a powerful force within it. The ambivalence that so many of you carry must be released. The fears must subside and the power of faith must open and inform all that you do. 

Your gifts, the love that you carry, the insights that you have will all flow from this as you allow that deep core within you, that bright and wondrous light that you carry to truly be expressed in your lives, such ways and means that are undeniable. I do not say these things to engender guilt or concern or worry for God firmly has you in His grasp. Instead, release that part of you that is so embroiled in the expectations and conditions and error and lack of love that is so much a part of the human condition.

Yes, it would be comfortable for you to do so in a gradual way rather that plunging in these waters. But the time is short, my beloved friends, the time is short. That time that has been so generously given to you to adjust and to work, to strive toward the light is now almost over. Now comes the time for decision. Now comes the time to act. Now comes the time to walk forward. Whether you feel prepared or not, beloved and beautiful children, you must risk that step, that crucial step that pulls you away from those mindful considerations that keep you embroiled in the human condition.

Not easily accomplished, beloved souls. Indeed, you have all the resources of heaven at your feet. You have all wondrous blessings of God pouring upon you each and every day. You have every benefit that any mortal upon this world could ever conceive of. So, it is only those conditions of the mind, those biases and fears of the mind that continue to hold your leaded feet to the ground. Now it is time to soar and have faith that God will take care of those material needs and that those who are meant to help you in this regard will manifest and bring to you the reassurance, the material accoutrements, and all that is required for you to live upon the Earth plane.

Jesus walked in faith. He had nothing. He relied upon the generosity of his friends and those who were willing to uphold him and support him. He wandered in the dessert for three years. Each day he asked God for guidance and each day God guided him. God does not ask of you such an extreme. But still, in order for His guidance to manifest, you must open the doors to this structure that you hold yourself within. Walk freely forward in the sunlight of God’s touch, His embrace. In this way, what felt safe and secure and important will melt away. You will see it for what it is, that trap that all of humanity is embroiled within. 

You will feel such compassion, not only for yourself but all of humanity for this terrible condition, these terrible fears and needs. Self-importance, self-empowerment that comes at a great price is not worth your commitment or effort for now is the time for humanity to be liberated from this illusion. Be strong in faith and love and light to come to see and know, be taught and be shown the way that will bring harmony to the world. 

So that time comes for each of you, beloved souls. Though you are living in a world that continues to sustain you and bring you comfort and sense of peace, I say you must be stronger and walk with your head held high and be truly liberated from these conditions. In this way, all your wonderful gifts and abilities will flourish, expressing themselves for the benefit of many souls.

The new dawn comes, my beloved brothers and sisters. The new way approaches. Will you hide away in your closet or will you come forward greeting this with love, expectation and joy? Embrace all that God has to give to you. Do not worry about the details, how this may be done or how that may be done. Rather, consider the opportunity of the day and what that may present to you. In this way, you allow God’s plan to unfold in its harmony, in its timing, in its wonderment.

May God bless you, my friends. We continue on this journey together with many more by our side. We walk on a road of love. We carry the banner of truth. We are truly God’s instruments and so we shall sustain what has been built and what shall unfold. My beloved friends, I am Seretta Kem. May God bless you, beloveds, bless you deeply, fully, profoundly with His Love. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.