Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 8, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Friends, I am Orion. May you continue to grow in light and be truly God’s children in light. May we continue to work in harmony together in order to foster light in the world and in your lives. I sometimes wonder whether you understand what light truly is, what our goals are regarding fostering light in the world. Your minds have some vague perceptions of what light is. At times, that definition of light in your mind is in correlation with your ideas and perspectives of what you think is right and just and in harmony with spiritual laws. Of course, in many cases, you are correct, but your ideas are limited and your perceptions are only as far-reaching as your gifts and your present condition of light.

We are on a journey together to understand truly what light is. Indeed, the foundations that you have built your journey upon are true and strong. You understand that the power of love is what ignites the journey. You understand that intentions are what fuel the journey and that your efforts in clearing yourself of those conditions that are not of light help to open the way. 

The greatest obstacle, as you are all aware, are those things of the mind that continue to beset you upon a less light-filled perspective and more of that which is grounded to your Earth plane. This struggle is daily and you have known this struggle well. You continue to endure and to make every effort to step forward even though you know that there are parts of you that are contrary to the effort. This indeed is your own experience of the human condition. This fuels the struggle and the tension between light and darkness within you.

Love is the thing that will empower the soul, which will, in time and with great effort, empower the mind. It takes time and it takes many subtle adjustments and major adjustments within your consciousness for you who have rooted your consciousness upon the Earth plane. In order for you to change that perspective and condition within you, it takes a great deal of energy to shift the consciousness from that of the Earth plane and earthly concerns to that of the soul. The soul is concerned with God more than all other things.

You have many who continue to assist you in this effort. You seek light daily. May you find your way beyond those old conditions, those heavy conditions that are so rooted in your mind and patterns of behaviour that they become reflexive and involuntary. Yet, as you know, the Law of Free Will determines that you may change these things but change comes at a price. Change comes with the unknown. What will my life look like if I let go of those time-worn and often honoured traditions of the mind and step forward into something new and something more of the soul?

That great dilemma continues to challenge each of you to some degree or another. Of course, the nature of that challenge and the texture of that challenge is different with each individual because of their daily experiences and life experience. You well know your own fears and often those things that block you from light. You find yourselves stepping into situations that are not of light, not voluntarily but because of the conditions within you which draw to you these challenges and the conditions of the world which incite these rather unflattering parts of your personality and mindful condition.

You do not truly have control of yourself. As with most humans,  you respond to those conditions without thought. But it is a sign of maturity when you can overcome these conditions and these involuntary responses with discipline and with love. 

There is a simple formula for light. Light equals intention times effort equals response and outcome. As you continue with your intention toward light and seek that which is in harmony with God’s laws and you put your efforts forward to do so upon all levels of your being, whether it be prayers with your soul seeking greater love within and the transformation that comes with this or disciplining your mind and seeking to change the patterns within your mind, focusing your intentions upon your spiritual journey toward light, you are then well on your way of the path of light. The path toward the transformation of your soul and the expression of this transformation in everything that you are and everything that you do.

Light comes with effort, effort that is in harmony with the Laws of God’s Creation, the Laws of God’s Love. It’s a simple formula. It is the truth and it can be applied in every situation. When one is truly in light, then one is in alignment with God’s Will, the flow of God’s intention in the universe. In this way, you are bringing forth light as an instrument, a channel, God’s beautiful light in the world. Each of you desire this. Your hearts and souls are so very much in desire of this. 

But it cannot come without obeying the laws of how it must come. So, I urge you to make greater effort, my friends, to understand the very power that you hold in this effort and desire to bring light. You hold the very truth that may transform the world. You understand that this truth cannot be readily demonstrated without your expression of it in the world. Be humble, my friends, for those who readily claim power, whether it be the power of truth, the power to teach and to demonstrate and do so with only a semblance of that which is required to truly be effective, will fail in their efforts. They must be truly in alignment with all that is of light. 

It does not mean that an individual is not ready unless they are perfect and completely expunged of all things that are not of light. But with humility, there is a semblance of awareness, of understanding that they do so as God’s imperfect instruments in the world and desire to rise higher and to express more beautifully the truth as they continue upon this journey.

Be true to yourselves, for who else can you be true to but yourselves? In that truth toward yourself, you then come to see those crevices within that are in need of healing, those errors within that are in need of harmony and truth. Also, with self-truth you come closer to your own soul which is always making an effort to communicate to your consciousness and be part of the dialogue of your life.

Each of you are very gifted. Each of you carry the responsibility of these gifts. Each of you will find your way of expressing these gifts. As the light within you increases, so, the power of your gifts shines through with greater clarity and beauty. You will find your way, my friends. You are brighter than many, many upon your Earth. Yet, that brightness, that light must shine with such power and beauty and grace that you will be instrumental in bringing many other souls to the Truth of Love. 

We continue on this progress toward light. We are all working as God’s instruments. We will continue to shine forth, will we not? In a dark place, there is always light, shall always be light. In time, light will flood your Earth and change it forever more. 

God bless you, my friends, I am Orion. My love for you is great. I thank you for listening to my little discourse today to help you on your way to greater light. God bless you, my friends. May His Love continue to pour into your soul in such great abundance that you are truly and completely healed and awakened and progress toward at-onement with the great Creator of the Universe. God bless you. God bless you, my friends. Orion loves you.