Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 3, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I did not understand my son’s mission when on Earth. I did not recognize the power of love, the power of God’s Love to transform the soul. But Jesus was the Messiah as proclaimed, but not just the Messiah for the Jews but for all of humanity. It took many thousands of years for this gift of Divine Love to be proclaimed and available to mortals but my son opened the doors to this gift.

Today, he continues to work with you all, to pray for all of your souls that God may implant within you a deep desire to receive this gift, to be opened to what has been given by God to complete your soul. For your soul for the most part lies dormant without this gift of Love. The many beautiful potentials and gifts of the soul require this gift to be awakened within you, this gift to flow and open the many chambers of your souls.

My beloved friends, you have come upon a truth that is greater than any truth you may know. No matter how long is your journey to God, this gift is the greatest truth you may know. In knowing this truth and receiving this blessing, all other blessings come. All doors are opened. All truth will flow into your awareness, into the consciousness of your soul so that you will walk in light and know your Heavenly Father with such intimacy, with such love and communion that the joy that will build within your soul will be eternal, will grow exponentially, and will be the source of all wonderment in your life. Such is the power of this gift which my son proclaimed. Such is the mercy of God who gives His Essence to all mortals who wish to receive this gift. Such is the wonderment of life that these many aspects of the soul may awaken and show you their wonders and show you the wonders of the universe, the wonders of God.

This is the gift proclaimed. This is the blessing given. This is the Source of All that we of the Celestial Heavens seek and which we encourage you to do so. For as you step forward in this Love, so the many doors will open that you may perceive and know all truth, all light, all that is of our Heavenly Father’s creation to such a degree that no books or proclamations from others will touch what is given in truth by God’s Touch upon your soul. For this truth comes in the great onrushing and bestowal of the Father’s Love that contains all that is of truth, all that is of joy, all that is of wisdom so that your souls may awaken, that your souls may truly be what they are meant to be.

My beloved friends, may you continue to seek this blessing, awaken to its gifts, and know the wonderment which is God and His creation. In this, we will come close as you pray fervently, as you seek earnestly, as you call out to God from the depths of your soul, so the angels must come in response to your call. The Holy Spirit will indeed touch your souls. God will give to you all that you require to be whole and awakened and blessed in light.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Joseph and my love is with you. God bless you.