Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 3, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Yes, a blessed child of God. We in the Celestial Kingdoms acknowledge her upon this special day. I wish to assure her that her dear mother is not in pain and yes, will pass very soon. She is not to fret about her condition for though outward appearances may seem that she is in strife, in truth her soul is at peace. Indeed, she will progress to a place of light and joy. We will be with her in her passing. Fear not, she will have the ministrations of the angels to help her in her transition. We continue to prepare her for this time. She is at peace, deep peace. Know this, beloveds, know this.

We will continue to minister to you all. Each soul here has a desire to serve their brothers and sisters and bring light and be a channel for blessings for many. We will indeed utilize your gifts and beings in many ways, many ways indeed. For God’s Will is that each beautiful soul may have an express, a multiplicity of avenues to serve, to bring light. Your gifts, beloved souls, continue to grow and awaken. Yet, in this great journey of life, you have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you are capable of. So, there is much more, deeper and a fullness of expression that has not yet been reached. Yet, with each effort that you make, each prayer, each time you step forward in love to care for another, to do some service for another, to bring truth to another, to be a channel of love for another, so this opens the door for greater gifts, a depth of expression, a clarity and purpose.

For all of you, there is much more to come in your lives. As times change, so you will see more clearly how you may express yourselves and utilize your gifts for the betterment of humanity. It will come with a fervency, a confidence, a power, a quality of love, compassion that will strike the attention of many. For they will sense within you something that is unusual and powerful and beautiful and be drawn by this, these wondrous expressions of your soul, expressed through your minds and bodies and spirits, illuminating and radiating out through you. So, it is good that you are together in prayer, that you support one another, that you acknowledge one another, acknowledging the beautiful souls that you are, the unique creations of God, the unique expressions that are your true selves.

Know that this journey just begins, that this awakening is like that of a child who is barely aware of its surroundings but will awaken and come clearly into focus. This will come for each one of you, beloved souls. This is inevitable because of the power of God’s Love within you as this power awakens, transforms, and brings clarity, wisdom, love.

Continue in your prayers. Continue to seek of God for it is in this journey of knowing your Creator and asking for the Essence of His great and wondrous Soul to be placed within you that all is awakened, that all that is of a mystery to this mind will come clear with the awakening of your soul.

So, my beloveds, much is coming. Much is coming. Every day brings you closer. Every prayer, a gift to your soul adding more fuel to the flame, adding more truth to your being, bringing greater love that will be expressed in your heart. Beloved souls, you sit in a Circle of Light that draws you into greater light beyond the conditions of this world into a place where your souls can breathe more deeply and your awareness can come more freely.

May God bless you, beloved souls, in this light bringing to you all the gifts and blessings, healings, and peace, love, and joy that you can partake of and are capable of absorbing. Beloved souls, you sit in a holy light. May it touch you deeply. God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher Augustine is ever by your side. My love is with you. My prayers continue for your benefit as many angels join me in this light. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.