Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 17, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessed and beloved brothers and sisters, I come. I am Jesus. I come because you are my brothers and sisters upon this world, carrying the mantle of Truth amongst you. To some degree the fate of your world rests upon those who are willing to carry this Truth to their brothers and sisters, who are my disciples of Light. Those who are committed within their souls to do this work shall be blessed mightily upon their path. As they become sure-footed upon this path, so God will lead them in many different directions in the world to carry this Truth, to touch the souls of many.

You are my disciples, beloveds. You carry the Truth of God’s Love within your souls. You have the sure knowledge of this Truth and you walk in this Truth with each day. As each day unfolds, beloved souls, may you come to know the possibilities of every moment to serve God, to be in the flow of His Love, to be in harmony with all of His Creation and all of His Laws of Love. For as you grow in this way so God will open up many opportunities and possibilities to serve your brothers and sisters.

There is much work to do, beloved souls. In the coming year, there is a great need for you all to bring this Truth forward. For humanity continues to slip into darkness and ignorance and pain. In this darkness, they pull at the very fabric of your world creating conditions that are disharmonious and threaten the existence of much of God’s Creation in this world of yours. There is a great need for all the children of your world, those children of Light, those children who have concern, who are becoming aware that the conditions of your world are treacherous and vulnerable to the great influence of humanity, this great pressure of thought and deed that continues to pull at the very fabric of life on your world.

You must be strong, beloved souls, and continue to speak of the Truth, to be loving channels for God, to help awaken the souls of humanity. For without this wakefulness, the world will continue to tumble into darkness. Many will be lost as a consequence of these dreadful conditions that are created by the great numbers of humanity who are ignorant and lost, who are a part of the great wave and trend of materialism and lack of true soul awakening. Awakening of the soul brings awareness of all that is not in harmony. Awakening of the soul brings strength and perception and love, so that collectively humanity may make that decision to bring greater harmony to their lives and their actions upon this world.

It is a tremendous challenge, beloved souls, one that each soul who is willing must take seriously and consider what must be done. To seek the council of the Heavenly Father so that they may awaken and come to know what God wishes of them, God’s Will enacted through them so that change may take place however subtly and gradually this may be. Still the trend must be towards Light and harmony, beloved souls, Light and harmony above all this darkness and ignorance and deprivation that comes with the soul that is unawake and does not know Love.

Beloved souls, I come to you to uplift and to encourage you, to bring the light of day to the dark world that you may indeed through the power of your souls awakened in God’s Love be guided and inspired to bring Truth and change and Light and peace to your world. You are needed, beloved souls, and many more like yourselves. Continue to pray for this world, for your own souls, and for the souls of those you love, that all may be awakened and healed, that their understanding of the true way of life, the expression of love, how one treads upon this world may be given to each soul so that they may indeed have the choice and may choose for Light rather than walk in the darkness unaware of this fact.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I will continue to be with you as you walk upon this Path Divine and seek to serve God and seek to grow in Love. I am with you. My prayers are with you. My love is with you. I am your brother and friend. We walk together, beloved souls. We walk together in the Light of the Father’s Love that continues to pour upon us all and bring to us that which we require to grow in Love, to express Love, to be the Father’s channels of Love in the world. God bless you my, beloved friends. God bless you. I am Jesus and I love you.