Spirit: Sri Yukteswar
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 9, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God’s Love find a deep place within your heart. I am Sri Yukteswar. I have come to be with you as a group of diverse souls on individual paths who are dedicated to the growth of your soul, to awakening those deep parts within you. I wish to say to you that in the realms of the Celestial Heavens, many races and individuals come together in harmony, but no matter their experience on Earth, no matter their beliefs while they travel to this Earth of yours, there comes a reconciliation of truth within the souls of each beautiful individual who pass through the gates of Heaven. We are united in our message to those in your world, that the power of the great source of Love, God the Creator, is the path that will lead to enlightenment of the soul.

Many seek the enlightenment of the mind and do not fully acknowledge that deeper and more profound aspect of their being, that of the soul. Instead, they allow the dominance of the mind to carry them through various perspectives and viewpoints of life and are quite content to discover the power and the glory of their own natural ways and means of existence. This is what you call the natural love, that part of you that becomes purified with right doing in thought and being. This shall indeed carry you to a place of light, to a place that fulfills the ambitions of the mind and to some extent of the soul.

So many are enamored with the purification of the mortal and miss that they are indeed of duality, dual perspectives: that of the mind and that of the soul. With the power of the Divine Essence within the soul, a merging takes place of these two aspects of your being. In this marriage of mind and soul comes a deep awakening of the individual in all aspects and potentials, both of soul and mind, coming together in harmony, realizing the depth and wonderment of the human potential, what God has created and what is possible in their expression.

For many of you, you have a deep struggle to find this equilibrium of your two selves. This is a noble struggle, one that is not often taken by a mortal for they are too distracted by the conditions of your world and too involved in the conscious mindful actions of everyday life. To go deeper and beyond this reality that has been created by man is a path rarely taken in your world. Yet indeed some brave souls continue to forge ahead to seek deeper meaning and truth in life.

My beloved and beautiful friends, I salute your efforts. I see amongst you a sincerity, a fervency in your spiritual life and you do indeed seek the Source of All, seeking to nourish that deeper part that is your soul. May you continue to do so and as you grow in what you call the Divine Love, may you continue to awaken in ways that will astound you and in ways that may be of great benefit to your brothers and sisters in this world. Much can be given through an instrument awakened in Love. Much insight and Truth is available to a soul that is integrated with the mind in this way. It is important that you continue to seek the balance, to live your life in balance and love. Do not over-tax any part of your being for balance is important. Accept the gift of the mind, encourage the gift of the soul, bring together these two gifts in one conscious way that will bring forth deep truth, powerful insights, all enlivened by love.

You are well on your way my friends. We in the Celestial Kingdom who live together in harmony and joy and light, forever seeking greater knowledge and truth and love, support you my brothers and my sisters upon this journey for you are needed. Humanity requires those who are strong and brave and clear in their insights, in their desires to serve, to know, to experience the Truth of Divine Touch. These are the souls that will help transform the world, help to bring what is needed, and will by their very actions and state of grace awaken many, point to the Source, point to the Truth and say, “this is what you truly need and this is what your souls truly desire”.

All the resources that we may give to these brave souls such as yourself, will be available, will support and uplift and carry you forth. We are with you and there are many of us, many of us; some you have heard of and others you have not. May you continue upon this road of awakening, of joy, seeking the God of all life and all love, being within your soul, integrating all that you are together into the wholeness of what you are meant to be and awakening to all the potentials that are within each soul, each beautiful, unique, complex, dazzling soul.

May God bless you deeply my friends. Sri Yukteswar is with you in your efforts. God bless you, God bless you.