Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 9, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher, Augustine. When will the changes come? You all wonder this and ponder this often. But what is important in your lives at this time, beloved souls, is what changes may come to you, within you and within your life. Those changes within are determined by your efforts and the fervency of your prayers, your willingness to accept the blessings that God has to give you and waits to give you and your capacity to release that which holds you from these blessings and awakenings.

When you ask, “when are the changes coming?” I say, they come with each day. When you step forward in some way, something opens within you. Some experience comes to you, some choice that you have made that brings the clarity of God’s Love through you. As you continue to ascribe to the Divine Path, to express this truth in your life, to allow God to guide you with each day, then changes come and they often come subtly.

It is not some great revelation and awakening. It is the gentle nudging, inspiration, guidance that directs you in a certain way provided you are accepting of this and your intentions and desires point you in that direction. The soul is a gentle thing, yet powerful in its gifts and capacity for love, Its ability to perceive the great creations of God in wonderment, the expansiveness of the soul, knowing God’s Presence and Love that flows within. Yes, these things are powerful. Yet to the mind, they often seem weak and too subtle, for the mind is used to the forcefulness of the physical plane, the dramatic expressions of your worldly existence. This other plane of awareness, this other pouring of gentle but firm Love from God that awakens drop by drop your soul, these things you strive to be aware of, for some it is easier than for others considering the nature of each individual soul. But this does not indicate the power of love within the soul however, rather it is an indication of the sensitivity and alignment of one’s gifts to one’s conscious self.

So often, those who carry gifts that are obvious and at times dramatic are acknowledged by those who seek a similar experience or capacity or gift. Yet this is not well-placed, beloved souls. Though you are different in many ways, you are the same. One is not higher than another. One is not more gifted than another. It is merely that those gifts that become evident are sought after by the mind that craves manifestation, physical proof, something that attracts and impresses the mind. And this is why we call you children, beloveds. You have not yet mastered the wonderment of your own soul, the capacity of your own soul to see beyond that which you are enamored with and to see within your own selves the wonderment and beauty of your soul. Yes, it is good to have humility. It is good to be gentle in your demeanor, to be loving, kind, and express yourself in simple ways that touch other humble souls. This is doing God’s work.

The dramatic will come with God’s Touch and His Will to manifest in this way the gifts and blessings to another soul. It is not for you, beloved souls, to orchestrate this or even to have expectations in this regard. It is best to focus on God, to be in harmony and in sync with God and these other things will come and be so very present in your lives.

Remember, beloved souls, you are equally loved in the eyes of God. You are equally attended to by we in spirit. You continue to grow in love and express your gifts. At times you do not even recognize your gifts for they are so much part of your second nature. You see another’s gifts and at times long for this to be yours. Beloved souls, it is not necessary. You need not have these longings and expectations. Merely to long for God, to long for your relationship with God to intensify with each day. That which God has to give you is what is meant to be for you and will bring wondrous things into your life. You will see, my beloved friends. You will see how God works in wondrous ways utilizing all the potentials of your soul as He ignites them one by one through the blessing of His Love.

When you ask when will the changes come? I say, the changes are now and each moment the potential for changes come every time you make effort to awaken and focus upon God’s blessings for you. As for this world and all within it, there will always be change. It will come indeed, at times dramatic, at times very subtle, but change is now, beloved souls. Change is now. May you be open to all that moves in the Will of God and the wonderment of His creation and Will. That you will absorb and integrate these wondrous blessings and truly know yourself in the flow of God in His Love.

May God bless you, beloved souls and keep you upon the path intended. May your eyes open, the scales peeled away so that truth and reality, change and blessings come in accordance to God’s plan for you, beloved souls. And so, I continue to walk with you, my friends. I continue to observe your struggles, your efforts, your prayers, and your triumphs. Rest assured that I, along with many others, continue to support and guide you upon the way of deep change, powerful change, wonderful change that comes with this holy blessing of Love.

God bless you, beloveds, God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you dearly. I am with you always, my friends, beloved souls, children of God. I am with you. God bless you.