Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 22, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. God has a great plan afoot for the salvation of mankind. God’s intention is to bring greater balance to the world, to allow the workings of man and the workings of God to be in harmony together so that the aspirations that humanity have had for so long, to create paradise on Earth, may be fulfilled. Though this ideal of paradise may be quite different from what will be, as God continues to pour His blessings and these energies of change in your world, what will come will be beautiful. The children of your children will know a world very different from your own, where love becomes the currency of humanity and the worship of materialism will be no more, where all will work together for the good of all. This ideal is not so far away nor implausible. It is coming.

In this great plan, it is important that all awaken to Truth and all will look within themselves to see what they carry that is not of love. That there is and will be great healing in your world and that the power of God’s Love will carry humanity to a place of Truth and a place of reconciliation with God. Each soul who is willing, who is of Light, who desires the deep change that is required in your world, will be ignited by the Touch of God and guided thusly in their efforts to help birth a new world.

Yes, there will be many changes, beloveds. Those who are not willing to change will suffer greatly, because what they attach themselves to and are so firmly desirous of, cannot be in your world, the new world. So the constructs of man will be washed away and something new will come in its place, new and fresh and joyful in its expression. Each of you will live to witness the beginnings of deep change in your world and each of you will play a part in that transformation and new beginnings.

Walk in faith, beloved souls. Know that God is guiding you. Seek His Love. Seek the Wisdom from the Source of All and it will come copiously, beautifully, deeply within you. The flow of God’s blessings upon you, beloveds, the flow of Truth within your conscious self, the awakening of your many hidden treasures and the possibilities of utilizing your gifts for the benefit of humanity, is all poised and waiting for their expressions and Divinely guided outcomes.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are those who put love before all else. Blessed are those who desire to awaken to Truth and to teach it and live it. God will bless you. God has blessed you and will do so always. Your teacher Augustine loves you, beloved souls, and is by your side. No matter what may come, know that I am with you and many are who will assist you upon this journey, this awakening, these changes. Much will come. Have faith, be strong within your soul and come to know your true selves, which is your soul.

God bless you. Augustine loves you. God bless you.