Spirit: Mary

Medium: Al Fike

Gibsons, BC

August 15, 2015

Bless you my children, I am Mary.

And I come to you because with each precious soul, each woman within this circle, are within my charge and whom I have special care upon. And it is in your wisdom, your beautiful souls, lies much truth and much to give to the world in those qualities within yourselves that nurture and envelope and feel great love and empathy for many children within this world. I am with you in this and you do my work bringing comfort and peace to the troubled souls, to the many who cry out, to the many who seek love where there is no love. You give love, you touch, you feed them, and you feed their souls with your love. And so these special qualities within you, my beautiful and beloved souls, are so needed in this world, this world so bereft of this gentle touch and love. And this quality within you will grow as the Love grows within and you will know so truly within yourselves what you must do with each soul you encounter, what must be given, what special words of comfort will be given, whispered in their ears and the embrace will release the pain within them. You will bring such a light to many, many souls who are seeking a way out of their pain and their darkness, the innocent children who long to be loved, and the mothers who feel unloved, and all of your brethren who are lost in the pain of the human condition. You must go forth and embrace all of these lost souls, all of those hungering children, all of those in the world who cast about, yet they know not what they seek. Bring them the Truth, my beloveds, bring them the Truth. Walk in Light.

Ask your Heavenly Father to guide you each day to those who are in need and willingly and joyfully embrace all those you encounter. The fires of Love start with a spark, a spark of compassion, a touch of Love, which ignites within the soul a desire for God and as God replies and stokes the fires within their souls so they too embrace others, who embrace others . The flame of Love shall purify the world and bring gifts of joy and Truth and wisdom and balance into this world. We stoke the flames together now for you to carry into the world. Listen with your souls, listen intently and know that God will give you each a role to play to carry this flame in the world.

God bless you, my beloveds. May God keep you in His Love and Care always and we who are with you love you dearly and I love my charges, those sweet souls whom I care for, each one unique, each one carrying their special flame in the world. Such a joy for me to have this gift to be with you, to share my love with you, and for you to share your love with others. You do God’s work in this way. God bless you, beloved, beloved souls. I love you.