Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  August 15, 2015

God bless you, my beloved beautiful souls, it is your teacher Augustine, and I come to greet you as you come together to receive God’s Love and to know God’s Will. And some of you have struggled through the darkened conditions of this world and have triumphed in this struggle, have overcome the barriers presented, have come to understand and to feel the pull of God’s Will in your lives. You have all been brought here for a purpose, my beloved, beloved students ; to understand more fully God’s will, to come together to strengthen the bonds with one another and to test the waters with one another, to see who is truly your brother and your sister, to see whether these bonds may bear fruit in service to bring further Love in this world.

Each of you is so unique and comes from different cultures and life experiences. What you have learned, how you have struggled and who you are in the world bring about characteristics within you that are unique. But what you share together is the experience of God’s Love. This is the common factor and in this comes the power to melt away all differences, to bring clarity, to bring love and acceptance.

And as you are together in this gathering and these meetings, you forge something that cannot be forged from any one individual but comes together from all of your efforts collectively, all of your desires, all of that which you are comes into play so that you may build something for God. And that which you build is not truly of your own making, but of God’s making through you. The understandings and awarenesses that will come through this process of coming together in Love are accomplished from God pushing through the barriers within you and creating something together in Love, in a desire to be of service in this world, to bring something that will bring hope and Light and comfort and Peace and Love and Truth to this world that truly is in need of these things.

Millions upon millions of souls live in this limbo of darkness and ignorance and their souls cry out for something which they can truly understand. And it is for you, my beloved and precious souls, to come together and create a way, an opening that will reach many, many, many souls.  God’s Will will be manifest in this. For each of you has been prepared, each of you has been guided, each of you has found your way to this circle. And you have done so through your prayers and your desire for the Father’s Love. And in this way, this true desire within your souls, you will find the answers that you seek and you will create for others those avenues which will reach their souls.

So, beloved souls, use this time to truly look within yourselves. Come to that place of knowing what your true soul’s desires are. For in this, you will find your true selves and in this you will find God’s Will. Do not be distracted. Focus! Be prayerful! Seek God’s Love above all else. And honour your brothers and sisters who come together in this circle, for each of you has something to contribute that is unique and precious. Powerful insights lie within you, my beloveds. It is for you to come to that place of awareness of inner revelation that you may contribute what it is that you carry; this hidden secret, this precious jewel, and all is bathed and influenced and transformed by God’s Love.

So you see, as these days progress, the secret will be revealed, what is hidden within you will come forth in your consciousness and it is for you to trust one another in Love, to share this, to bring forth this bit of beauty, this Divine inspiration and say: “This is what I have to give as a gift of Love to you, as a gift of Love in my desire to serve my Heavenly Father and to serve all my brothers and sisters in this world”. And when all of your gifts are piled together and you admire what you have created in this giving, then you must act, you MUST step forward.

And this, my dear and beloved students, is your challenge: “What prevents me from serving God in a clearer and deeper way, to bring Love into my life and into the lives of those whom I am involved with in a more powerful way? How can I speak and live the Truth so that others may truly see the Light that I carry, the Truth that I live, the Love that I possess?” So often, my beloveds, you hide away, fearing rejection, fearing judgment. It is now time to step away from this screen, this mask, and reveal your true selves, boldly, beautifully yet humbly  as your tribute to your Heavenly Father who has given so much to you and has guided you to this point and for you to stand up.

Though you may feel naked and alone, you are not. And say “I am a child of God and I know the beauty of His Love for me and I want you to know this precious Gift. Pray with me, pray with me that we may know this Gift together.”

Yes, the Truth is so simple, yet the Truth will save this world from such strife and inequities, such lack of Love. And you, my beloved beautiful souls, have the desire to contribute to the Father’s Plan for the salvation of mankind. Each of you carry this desire within your souls, each of you know you have a role to play, each of you has great gifts and abilities and possess the Father’s Love within your souls. It is time to release your fears, your anxieties, your doubts and to walk in the Light in plain view for all to see. You will find freedom and joy in this. And you will find that the wisdom within your souls, the Will which you are able to know of God, the power of His Love manifest through you will be present and powerful and guide you forward.

The Master has called each of you, my beloveds, and you are challenged by this and you have many questions. Ask your questions, confront your fears. Pull away from these old and tired habits of your lives and start anew, knowing from this day forward, God is guiding you with each step. And you have released your will to the Will of God and He will show you the way.

Yes, this time you spend together is serious, yet it is filled with joy and the wonderment of discovery. You will find within yourselves wonderful treasures, deep understanding, a soulful awareness and recognition of who you truly are and what God intends for you to do in this world for each of you is imbued with purpose. You have something that you are meant to do. And it is my fervent hope that within these few days you will have some understanding of what that is. And this shall set you free from your doubts and your questions. For each soul who knows their purpose is purposeful in their life and each of you has great ability and strength to follow what you know is right and true and good and in alignment with God’s Will.

Think of what I have said, my beloved students. Consider that there is much to be revealed to you and ask your Heavenly Father to open that door so that you may know His intentions for you as you walk your unique path in Light and Love. And we, the angels, pray for this opening and await your discovery and stand with you in this birthing of something new and precious and beautiful which lies within you waiting, waiting to come forth, eager and full and vibrant and is a gift of Love from your Heavenly Father. God bless you, my students, pregnant with new and wonderful life. God bless you.