Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 10, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

Children of Light, we thank you for coming together, creating a beautiful Light in your world. We encourage you to continue upon that journey that will nurture the Light within you, no matter what that journey is, no matter the beliefs that you might have. Remember, it is that burning lantern within you that is your soul in need of your nurturing, your attentions. Within your soul is the capacity to know God, to understand all the secrets and mysteries of the universe, to truly find the answers that you seek. Within the soul is a mind and capacity for understanding that is different from your material mind. You see beloved souls, these two levels of consciousness often do not communicate and live separately from one another.

The tendency of the mind is to dominate, to have control, to be sure and sure-footed in its thinking. Often, for those who are immersed in this intellectualism, in this detailed effort to understand the world, they negate the intuitive understandings that come with the soul. Yet, through the soul is the doorway to Truth. Through the soul is the awakening of your true selves. No matter what mindful and wordful approach you may take with one another in your understandings, in your conjecture and your musings of Truth, I say to you, it is the way of the soul that will truly bring you what you desire.

The soul requires the Breath of God. The Breath of God, His Love, will awaken the soul and bring to you all the faculties and capacities required to know Truth. Though the mind may feel it is capitulating and giving over to the soul, when it allows this relationship to be forged with soul,it will find such satisfaction, such clarity, such joy in what the soul can give the mind, what can be accomplished, awakened and gifted through the soul.

When God breathes His Love within you, when that Holiest of Touch, that Breath so pure and beautiful comes into you, you will recognize that this is what you are seeking. This is what your souls long for. This is that great gift that God longs to give to you. Accept His Gift. Accept the Touch of God deep within you. All the mindful and worrisome details of your spiritual journey will fall away into a River of Love. You will bathe within this River over and over again and know that the Waters will indeed quench the thirst of your knowledge and desire to grow in Love and spiritual Truth.

This invitation is always there, beloved souls. All it takes is a mere prayer, whether they be words or not, a longing from the soul to be with God and then you will know, you will know what Truth is. For all Truth is Love and all Love is Truth. With this component that is added to your search, you will find your way. Not by a book, not by someone speaking to you of it, but by this personal and intimate connection with the Creator, the Source of All. What higher authority is there but God? The Source of Truth comes from God and God will give you Truth in ways that are acceptable to you and it will be unique journey. This relationship will be forged and will grow and awaken more fully with each moment that you come to God.

Yes, faith is required, faith that this is indeed the Truth, that God is indeed real and personal. But God will not foist His Presence upon you. God will not insist on anything. God only gives to you when you are willing and you desire to be in this relationship of Love. Then all manner of things flow, all wonderment comes to your vision and  awakening and expansion of your soul, bringing such a depth of joy, such a keen perception, such understanding that you will wonder why you have taken so long to come to this place of communion with God.

May all the blessings and wonderment of God come to you, beloved souls, the richness and the bounty, all Love and peace and joy. It awaits you. It awaits you. Enter the door. Open yourself. Feel its gentle Grace licking at your soul, opening up these chambers, awakening those parts that have slept for so long. God’s gift to you will bring all that you require.

May you be blessed at this very moment. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Andrew. God bless you.