Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 10, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

Have no fear beloved souls, for, God’s plan is that all will come to Light. For those who are willing to be an instrument of Light, to bring Truth to the hungering souls, you will be blessed and you will be carried in Light. Think of your brothers and sisters. Think of all in this world. Think of the need that is here and the troubles that so many carry. Be strong in the Light, beloved souls. Be strong in Truth. Be strong in intention to be an example, a beacon of Light in the world.

God has brought you all together to affirm your beauty, the beauty of your souls, and to encourage you to step forward in Light. Seek for the highest, beloved souls. Seek to serve in the highest and greatest good. Whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever efforts that you make, seek to serve in Love and be an instrument of Love and Light. Each of you are being blessed at this moment. As you continue in this day you will be blessed and given much as you continue upon your road towards Truth and Light, towards God, towards all that is good.

God bless you. I am Michael. God bless you.