Spirit: Augustine

Medium: Al Fike

Location: West Vancouver, BC

Date: March 21, 2016

Humanity is in a deep slumber, my children. Each soul is buried under layers of the human condition, revering the intellect of the material mind, seeking the accumulation of material things and turning their faces from God. But I tell you, there is an awakening coming and you, my beloveds, are the first tender shoots of this spring that is dawning for mankind. You are awakening, my beloveds. You feel it within your souls. You have a sense of newness, new understandings, new beginnings as God’s Love burns more brightly within your souls, enlightening your consciousness, bringing you to a place of deeper understanding, of greater compassion and Love; not only for yourselves but for others, as God builds within you that great channel of Love and you release all of those obstacles, those barriers, those veils which inhibit this flow of Love.

Do you not feel this, my beloveds, the awakenings, the stirrings within you, the deep desire to reach for harmony, to be unburdened, to emerge into Light? It is coming, each of you stirs with this great blessing of Love and you have a sense of what you are becoming, the beauty that shall emerge, the joy that shall come, the wisdom that shall be upon each one of you as you serve mankind in many different ways, on many different paths, each unique, each blessed by God.

Continue to feel the warmth of God’s Love enliven you and bring you to greater understandings, to understand more fully that unique purpose which you all carry to recognize the excitement within your souls which will bring you to that place of service and wonderment and the unfolding of God’s plan for each one of you. Beloved souls, drink deep the waters, stoke the fires, think those thoughts that are high and pure and let God carry you upon His Breath.

Beloved souls, you are blessed. You carry this blessing as a powerful testimony to God’s presence in the world. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine truly loves you and is joyed to see each of you emerging from your slumbers and truly coming to know what Love is, the power of Love, the healing of Love and all the benefits and blessings that come with Love that is of your Heavenly Father. God bless you and keep you ever in this Love and Light. God bless you.