Spirit: Andrew

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: March 26, 2016

God bless you beloved souls, it is Andrew.

Each one of you here, each one of you here, each precious and beautiful soul in this circle is engaged in service and in some capacity is helping others. Whether it be raising your children, bringing Light to many others with healing, teaching, embracing all those around you. Each one here has dedicated themselves in some way to bring Light into this world and it is that desire within your souls, my beloved, beautiful souls, that has brought you together at this time, to celebrate the wondrous ways in which you serve your Heavenly Father, to be together in this Circle of Light, acknowledging each other as beautiful souls that you are, beloved, beautiful souls.

And I urge you to continue to open your souls to the inflowing of the Father’s Essence, His Divine Love, that sparks this desire to serve others, to love others, to be a channel of Love for those you meet in this world. For indeed, how important it is, how powerful this can be, to love others in this way and to seek your Heavenly Father in prayer and a desire to serve. There are many in need in this world, many in deep need. And many who are confused and in the darkness and who need your helping hand, your instrumentality, your channel, that God may reach out to them through you and bring a measure of comfort, healing, Love and Light for all those in your world.

And it is this deep desire within you which draws many to you, and it is the resonance of this desire within your soul to serve, that draws you to one another. And you will find that many more will come to join you in this Light, this life of service and Love. Continue to express yourselves in your own unique ways upon your own unique path, knowing that God guides you upon that path, that you are in the flow of His Love, that you are a channel for His Love, that great Love that is meant for all.

It is in your prayers, it is in your humility, it is in your listening to God’s whisperings within your souls, it is the stirring within your souls, to be a loving channel which brings change for you and around you. And in this world is this Light, this opportunity to serve, it reverberates in this world causing change, touching souls, bringing comfort. And I believe that you all recognize this, you all recognize that it is within that deep place within you that you receive the Light, the change which brings to you the opportunities for service. It is that deep recognition within you that you are meant to love, you are meant to be a channel of God’s Love. When you bring love, you bring joy, a sense of meaning, of purpose and recognition of your potentials. You recognize the gifts that lay within your souls which are ever eager to be expressed.

Continue, my beloveds, in your desire to serve and we who are with you, assisting you and guiding you, will continue to do so as your deep desire comes to fruition. That purpose which is within each one of your souls will come to be expressed in this world. God bless you, beloved and precious souls. You will find your way, God will guide you on your particular path and great openings, expressions of Love will manifest in many unique and interesting ways, beautiful ways. Ways that are blessed, powerful, ways that will change this world and bring greater Light. God bless you, beloved souls, I am Andrew and I love you, God bless you.