Spirit: Nicola Tesla
Medium: Al File
Date: November 3, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

Are you surprised? I am so pleased to be with you my friends. Yes there are many of us working in unison to help you in these ventures. And my particular understanding of the mechanics of the universe come into play in my assistance of the development of your gift. For in many respects this gift has an electrical component and of course it is all energy, is it not? Many different forms of energy. I’ve had the opportunity since being in spirit to explore these concepts and experiment in many different ways. And so I am excited of the prospects of working with you to bring a deeper understanding of the mechanics of your world, and of the universe of God. There is so much that can be given to humanity through your efforts. These things may be given once humanity is able to utilize these gifts with wisdom and to bring greater harmony into the world. For now it would not be advisable, but in the coming times which are almost upon us, there will be greater opportunity for humanity to shift in its awareness and objectives and desires for the world.

I see amongst you a great Light, a great desire for harmony and this is what we will be looking for in the world. That many others will want what it is that you have received and are expressing. For this is the foundation which humanity will grow and flourish and will come to know many scientific understandings, because their souls have matured. Their motives are pure because all is predicated upon Love, as you well know. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and the capacities of Love have not been well understood. So many have a romantic view of what Love is. You have felt the power of Love my friends. And in Truth you’ve only tasted Love, you do not truly know its power yet, but you are getting to that point.

For Love can alter many things and influence many aspects of the material and spiritual world. It is not just a thing of singularity for only one purpose. No Love can ignite many things, can stimulate many aspects of the universe in a way that can change their basic attributes and I will not go into too much detail because it would be difficult to explain. I wish to encourage you and to say that in the times to come, many things will be revealed to humanity that will help in the reconstruction of this world. To bring greater harmony to life. To show humanity it’s potential and the complexities of this universe in ways that will be astounding and wondrous. God has a great plan, does He not? God has a wonderful plan. For those of you who bring the very foundational Truth of Divine Love, you are the greatest scientists, for without this understanding so very little is possible. That it will be sustained in this world because all else without Love cannot be sustained indefinitely, but with Love it grows and grows. The power of Love continues to transform and enliven everything because as it touches your soul, does it not change everything within you? In this are deep insights and powerful awareness’s. A multiplicity of Truths are available to you and because of this you may understand the universe in ways that humanity in its immature condition and lack of soul growth cannot. You will see as things come to you, revelations, deep understandings will come forth in your consciousness as you come closer to God.

Oh how we long to inspire those in the world, each one has such a capacity and potential to know the Truths. Yet much of this is wasted because their intentions and desires are not in harmony with God. You must understand that this must come first. Not to kowtow to some religion, but to truly come to know your own selves in relationship with God. To know the potentials and powers of the soul, which is immense. As the souls of this world are ignited in Love, the world indeed will change dramatically. Many of your problems and dilemmas in this world will disappear. Is this not the goal of any scientist, researcher, and inventor to bring something of value to the world, to change the world for the better? May they come to understand this, but first they must build a foundation within themselves that is good and strong and full of Love as so many avenues of understanding will open to them.

I thank you for listening to me, my friends. I am Nikola Tesla and I hope to manifest direct voice in the world. Another one with a keen interest in your efforts.

You would be very surprised how many know of you. You are causing quite a stir in spirit, quite a stir. God bless you my friends. I am with you. I continue to pray for the Father’s Love to fill my soul so that I may know more of the world, the universe of God. Such a wonderful adventure, is it not? God bless you. God bless you my friends.