Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 25, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

And I heard your conversations regarding a journey to my country and this instrument’s curiosity and concern about the guidance given by me some months past. He has a deep desire to fulfill God’s Plan in this world and so he has cast about in his mind as to how can this be. How can I go to a place unknown and fulfill God’s Will? I say, think of the disciples of Jesus. Did they not travel the world? Did they not have faith enough in God that upon their travels God presented many opportunities to serve in love. I learned this as well on my travels. I could have rejected the idea of going to America. I could have stayed in my safe place in a culture I understood, in a land of my birth but I chose to follow the yearnings of my soul. This brought me many experiences and opportunities to teach and serve and love.

Would God punish me for not answering the yearnings of my soul? No, God does not punish. God does not demand, but God lays before you many opportunities which you may or may not accept and act upon. It is your choice. It is always your choice. But I would suggest that if you feel resistant and you do not have a desire to follow up your guidance and invitation divine, for you must go in love and with a sense of excitement and encouragement to discover that thing that has been invited into your experience of life. Each of you have prayed to be a servant of God and some service comes with great rewards and often some challenges. So there’s push and pull between what is possible and your minds insistence on the concrete possibilities, the feasibility of success of any venture, as you do so with your present efforts. What is possible, you ask? Can we make this possible? But you have allowed whatever reticence you may have originally thought of with the prospects of this opportunity, you have let this go and have forged ahead. This very day you have all exclaimed isn’t this a wonderful experience, a beautiful blessing from God because you answered God’s Call. You said “yes, I will go, I will come to where you wish me to go. I will serve you God, in faith and love”.   So, it will go in your life, my friends. Are you willing to serve God in faith and in love? Or is that service restricted by your limitations of the mind? If this is the case, then what will open up for you in service will be far smaller than what can be. When one is in harmony with God it does indeed have an element of risk, the possibilities of failure, dealing with the intransigence of this world, all the possibilities presented by the exertion of free will by mankind. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing. But you may rely on God always and in this reliance of the building of faith within you will come the answers. Today there may be reticence, tomorrow great joy and expectation.

So, it will go with you, my friends, as it has gone with every soul who seeks to serve God. It requires primarily an element of faith, trusting in God’s Will, trusting that your perceptions of God’s Will are true, that you are not deluded by your mind but led by the truth of your soul. Yes, I extended an invitation to go to my country because those within my country suffer greatly. If you were to go harboring great expectations, feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of my country, you will miss those golden opportunities to bring truth there, whether you are endowed with the gift of Direct Voice or not. It requires an element of faith, openness, trust, knowing that what you do is within the realm of God’s Will. So, this may be a small test for you, my friends. How will you approach this challenge? Some of you are feeling taxed by the commitment you have made already. So, you cannot see that continuing on in this way, travelling in the world by the faith of God and the Will of God is not a life that you see is feasible or possible. So, you must ask yourselves, my friends, do I follow the Will of God or do I follow my will? Every soul who seeks to follow the Will of God must confront this dilemma. I had to confront this dilemma. I had to overcome my fears, my biases, my misunderstanding. In doing so, I gained a whole world of experience. Not all of it was blissful. Often it was very challenging, certainly in the beginning. But you know of me today because I made an effort to make the Truth known in the world as best I could. Many souls have benefitted by my efforts. Not because I am something of a soul uniquely endowed. No, my friends. It was because I was willing. I stepped forward and allowed God to work through me.

Yes, the challenge of service, of serving God without restriction requires a soul filled with love, filled with faith, filled with trust of God. So, of the many tested by God very few actually move forward. Often because they are confronted with a test and must recognize that they lacked the faith and the courage and the strength required to serve God accordingly. Now you are altogether in a beautiful place, surrounded by the angels, given everything you require to be in harmony, to be with one another in spiritual upliftment and loving expansion within your souls. Indeed, it was mentioned that this is a rarity and indeed it is. So few have this opportunity. But this gift is given for a purpose so that you may be well prepared to go out into the world and give the truth of God’s Love. Each of you knows that expectation within your souls. It is not a demand from God. God will never turn away from you no matter what you decide. But God has a plan and you must make every effort to understand, to truly know this plan and in this knowing you can decide for yourself what you must do. For God will feed you when you require to understand but you must be willing to open your mouths to consume what He has to give to nourish you. It is your choice. It is always your choice, my friends. So, I may say to you, do this and do that but I cannot. I may only issue invitations and hope that you will accept in love. If you do not, other invitations will come. But if every invitation is rejected then these invitations will cease, for God respects your free will. He waits. He waits until you are ready. I do not wish to add more complications to your time together at this time. This is not necessary. But I will reiterate my invitation that there is work to do in India. It is your choice whether you wish to proceed at this time or not. If you feel that the time is the right time then I would suggest that you push ahead in your plans. But if you do not and within your heart you feel this is wrong, then do not push ahead but pull back and wait. As it is in many circumstances in your world, some will want to go ahead and some will want to pull back. This is the dilemma of your world, beloved souls, a difference of opinion. It is for you to work this out, to decide with respect and love of one another.

This work in India will always be there, my beloved souls. When you are ready to take up the mantle, to be brave and faithful, doors will open. Now what may take place at a certain time will not take place at a later time, certain opportunities will not be filled but others may crop up. That is the way of the world. I am not suggesting my friends that you weigh and discuss and burden yourselves with assessment of the possibilities of success. This is the folly of mankind. I merely ask you to go into your souls and seek clarification. There you will find the answer, for God will given you the answer. But I want to tell you my friends there is much work awaiting you, much work is always waiting for your time to be in that place where you are willing to accept the invitation wherever you may go, wherever you may be, there is always work to bring greater love and light to this world.

So, God awaits your decision to express your desire to serve but you must see that when you put limitations on God, you put great limitations on yourself and everything has its consequences, my friends. When you decide one thing there will be reactions unanticipated and challenging and yet if you decide another thing, other reactions and challenges come into play. This is the way of your life in the world and you cannot anticipate it all. You can merely go with that feeling that God wants you to proceed, that is the most effective way to serve God. So, may you come to know the Will of God, my friends, to know His Love that burns so bright and touches your soul and in this all will be revealed and nothing left to chance. A journey of love is an adventure. It is one vast opportunity after another to discover the Will of God in your life, the wonderment of life within your life, your choice, my friends. God bless you and I do anticipate the opportunity to speak in Direct Voice in your world. I will anticipate this with great joy and I too pray for your success. God bless you. I love you. God bless you, beloved souls for do we not love each other. God bless you.