Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 9, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the Father’s Love continue to pour into your beautiful souls and carry you ever closer to the fountainhead of all love, embraced by God, healed and uplifted as His Love continues to cleanse your souls and uplift your hearts and bring you into this great light and joy and peace. May you continue to embrace many upon your path, to be a channel of love wherever you go, beloved souls, and to draw others close to you as you give and nurture to those souls who seek solace and peace and truth. That their souls may be opened to the blessing of the Father’s Love, awakened in love, bathed in love, healed in love.

You will continue in this sanctuary, beloved souls, to draw in those who seek the light. God will provide the ways and the means for you to serve in this way. God has blessed this place with light and healing, peace and beauty, abundance in many ways. In this abundance you will all feast in the love and light of God’s protection and blessings. You will share in joy what bounty God has given you in your lives together, in your lives outstretched with arms of love to those who come and seek the comfort and the truth.

You continue to play your part in God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. Each day brings its blessings and rewards, opportunities and challenges. To continue to walk in this light, beloveds, to make that choice, the choice of your soul to be in harmony and peace, to be a channel of love. Though each of you still has barriers and obstructions to overcome, the light continues to get brighter within you and you continue to express love and light in your lives in ever greater measure, beloved souls. Those things that are not of light, those things that come from the past that are painful and difficult will fall away, beloveds. Each day a little piece falls away from you. Each day greater light comes into you. Have faith my beloveds in the healing Touch of God and His plan for you, each one to walk their unique path and yet together you share in this bounty of light, this precious fraternity of souls.

The angels will continue to uphold you, my beloveds. We will continue to walk upon this path divine, to seek at-onement with God, to be a channel of His Light and Love in the world. Do you not see my beloveds, how God places many opportunities before you to express love and truth and more and more doors will open for each one of you to do this work, to be God’s channel of love. You continue to be carried by the river and you learn to let go and allow this sacred river to carry you forward. As God directs your path, as God continues to open your eyes, as God makes it possible for you to serve in love, to have what you require to be in that place of harmony and beauty, to walk with those sure footsteps so there is no doubt or confusion, there is no resistance or willful desire to express your path from that place of mindful ideals and perspectives. Instead, your soul awakens and you begin to see from that place of soul understanding and wisdom. This becomes the predominant truth in your life, that part of you that knows the direction you must take and to understand that God’s plan is greater than anything you can imagine or devise in your lives. Allowing God to direct you, my beloveds, is a profound act of humility and faith. Allow Him to guide you forth and bring you upon those shores where you will be greeted by hungering souls who wish to join you in prayer, to be together in light. You, with your soulful lights, will show the way to many who are lost and many who are in pain.

You will continue to touch many souls, beloveds. And now you do so in a more conscious way. Where God before has used you to touch souls and yet your minds have not recognized this act of love, and now as your souls awaken you will see more clearly how God guides you in service and you will see the light that comes and touches those in need. For is it not the efforts of an angel to answer prayer, to be God’s instruments of light? So, my beloveds, you are learning how to be one of God’s angels in this world and He teaches you with each day. He shows you how to serve, how to be in the light, how to allow His Will to manifest through you. So, with each day that passes, your awareness opens a little more, your understanding of what it means to be redeemed in love and to serve as an angel of God comes manifest in your lives.

Beloved souls, you continue to grow. Your souls expand in love, your awareness more acute and with greater depth, you see the Will of God and the effects of your own service as your soul awakens in its gifts and blessings which flow forth to many. With this comes great joy as you see the wonderment of God’s great plan and God’s deep Touch within you and how this comes together in service and light, in harmony and joy.

May you continue upon this path, beloved souls. Continue to awaken to the wondrous truth of God’s Love and Touch upon you and we will accompany you upon these journeys of awakening and service. Our love is with you, beloved souls. God’s Love surrounds you and all is bathed in light.

God bless you, beloveds, I am Mary and I love you deeply. You are my children whom I care for and pray for and seek to bring greater truth to you as you grow in love. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. I am with you. God bless you.