Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

How wonderful it is to see the light that you share amongst you, the love that you have for one another, and how as you build this light together, you build a greater light in this world. As you collect more souls into this circle you build a greater light, a beautiful light that God is able to use to bring a flow of light to others in this world. So yes, you benefit from each other and the efforts that you make to give and to love, to pray together, to work together. This light continues to build amongst those of you who seek to serve God, to draw His blessings through you to those who are connected to you, to those who you see on a daily basis and those who are strangers, but still there is some connection, some touch that comes from the soul.

God uses you in many ways, beloved souls. God desires to use you in many ways, some yet undiscovered, some un-utilized, but this continues to grow as the love continues to flow into your souls. You awaken, beloved souls, you awaken in love, in harmony, in compassion, in truth.

So much waits for you, beloveds. You only see the tip of the iceberg as you call it, a small portion of this service that you give to humanity. For as you are together in love, as you are in prayer each day, you activate the possibilities of blessings going out to many others, as we are able to use you to come to this earth plane and work with others whose souls desire these blessings. Though they may not be aware within their minds, there is a soul longing, a prayer that goes out from the soul, a desire that hits God’s awareness and there is a response. For every heartfelt desire from a soul receives a response from God. This is the law, beloved souls, this is the law. When you pray for others, when you keep others in your consciousness, the desire that God may bless

them, heal them, comfort them, support them in some way upon their journey towards light, then we are able to use this active energy to manifest a blessing for that individual.

Because you have the foundation of love within your soul, many things are possible. The power of God’s Love continues to activate many possibilities, potentials, and gifts within you. You continue to forge ahead. Your capacity to be an active channel of God’s Love in the world grows with each blessing of God’s Love that enters your soul. So, my beloveds, continue in your prayers. Make them as fervent and often as possible. Build upon this foundation, this light, that grows brighter, as your souls grow stronger, as you become more aware of the potentials of your soul. Many things will manifest, beloveds. You already have seen many things, experienced many things, and yet, this is just the beginning. With prayer, these many experiences are grounded in love and greater harmony ensues as this love grows. All of these gifts, these conditions, these experiences, some overwhelming, are stabilized by the power of love. It takes some time, some faith, and some effort upon your part in discipline to bring all these gifts together into a harmonious flow that is guided by God and utilized by God to bring blessings to others. For these gifts, beloved souls, are not just given for your benefit, but as part of a plan for the salvation of mankind. So, each gift needs to be honed to a high level of activation that is influenced by the desires of your soul for the highest. Otherwise, there can be confusion and distortion. You must keep within you and maintain a firm desire to be of the highest, to walk in God’s Love always and allow His Hand, His firm Hand to guide you forward that these developments and changes within you, the beauty of your souls awakening, happens in the timing and harmony that is blessed by God. In this way, you will avoid many pitfalls, confusions, missteps. I know that you are all eager to open to these many gifts. You are curious, you are ambitious, and you have a deep desire to serve. These human parts of yourself that often originate from the mind, push and try to manipulate the outcomes of your spiritual progression. Often this is unintentional but you need to be aware, beloved souls, of these inner desires and motivations that come from the mind and that interfere with the soul’s development.

Because if the mind is predominant, then the mind often derails the progression of the soul and the expression of these gifts. So one must be cautious and your pace must be in harmony with God’s Will and Love. To overtax and over extend yourselves in these awakenings and expressions can cause you unnecessary complications and confusions. Walk in faith, beloveds, with the trust that God will indeed guide you each day and your gifts will unfold in harmony with each day. You know within yourselves that there is a feeling of harmony as these gifts unfold. Yes, there is always adjustments, but you feel and know within you that this is the right road, this is within the flow of God’s Will. Trust in that feeling, trust in God’s plan for you and allow all to unfold in harmony and love.

God bless you, my beloveds, I am Keea Atta Kem, and I love you, beloved souls. I am with you all often. I help you to mark your progress. I help you to open your souls and to express the beauty of your souls. I help in the development of many gifts and my commitment is that I will always be with you to help you along your journey of awakening and service to God. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. I love you.