Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 22, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C,

Blessings to you, beloved children, I am Confucius. I am pleased that you speak of these things, the many blessings from God which help you in your life, helping to heal your bodies, bringing peace to your mind, expanding your soul as love, brings harmony, harmony. 

God opens many avenues for this to be so. It is for you to awaken to these things, to desire these things, to pray for these blessings. God in his Great Love for his children brings many blessings to each one. May you come to know this as a true and vital part of your life, to understand that in the flow of God there is much to be given, and much to be received, and much to flow through each of you.

Do not allow the mind to put barriers before your soul’s intention to be in alignment with the flow of God’s Blessings. Be true to all you know is true and all that is within the flow of truth, and much will be given, much will be experienced, and much enlightenment will come as you experience the wonderment of God’s universe. God’s Love for you all and the myriad of ways that that Love is manifest in the universe. For there are vast resources that each of you may be attuned to and utilize for your own benefit and for the benefit of many others.

Do not be passive, beloved souls, and think that you may only receive. For in truth, when you step forward and say to God “please use me as your instrument, a channel of healing and love and light to another,“ so you will be used. You have allowed that channel to be opened. So that channel will be effective and powerful and beautiful as you discover the possibilities of your own gifts and the blessings that may come from those and through those gifts. 

Beloved souls, healing comes in many ways, many ways indeed. Look to find those ways.  Look to experience these blessings. Put before God your request, your desire to be healed, or to be a channel for another, and you will find with your sincere desire and prayer that many things are possible and will manifest in surprising ways. Though often healing is not instantaneous, but still it comes, and it flows and it manifests in a timing and a way that is in harmony with God’s Laws.

Allow yourselves to have faith, to have patience and perseverance in this regard. See the world as not that static and tangible thing that your minds often require in this reality, but to see how in truth God’s creation is manifest in many different ways, many different realities, that you may attune yourselves to and come to know and utilize the truth of it for your benefit, for your awakening, for your instrumentality, for your gifts. Beloved souls, much comes to those who attune themselves to God, and much, indeed, is waiting for all of you, beloved souls.

May you be blessed in the Love of God, and may that blessing open up the many portals of gifts, channels of light, beautiful flows of energies and blessings, for you in your life, for your loved ones, for the many you may encounter on your path. 

God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you. Confucius is with you upon this journey of awakening and knowing your true selves. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. Beloved souls of God.