Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 21, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C,

May the Father awaken our souls. My beloved brothers and sisters, I am Andrew. I come with many of my cohorts from the Celestial Kingdom to pray with you all as you reside in this place which is in need of great prayers, many prayers beseeching God for His Blessings upon humanity. As you continue to reach out to God and ask for His Touch upon you, upon your loved ones, upon those you know are in need of His Blessing, so you open the portals and the networks of light that will touch the many souls. 

Because you come together to pray for the world and pray for many in the world, so you are a channel of light and love to help awaken this world.  We are all God’s Instruments, beloved souls, the intensity of your prayers, the intensity and sincerity that comes bubbling forth from your soul through your lips to God determine the power of that touch upon those you pray for and upon yourself.  

Seek with all your hearts, seek with all your soul and all your mind to be in alignment with God, to walk in the light of God, to know His great Blessings. Each of you has the potential to have a powerful effect upon the world through your prayers. It is only limited by your thinking and the power of your own desire and sincerity. May you truly mine the power of your own soul and bring this forth in prayerful action and desire so that channel between you and those you pray for and your Heavenly Father may be clear and wide, expansive, and bring much into the world.

The world is muffled by the dark conditions that are so prevalent within it. You, through your prayers and efforts, open channels of light, portals and networks of light, to touch many upon your Earth. You do your brothers and sisters a great service. You walk in the world as God’s Instruments. For within your hearts, souls and minds there is a great desire to do so. May you continue to grow and prosper in the Father’s Love so that all that is meant for you, all that which is within your soul, the many gifts, perspectives, perceptions, desires, light and love, awaken and strengthen through your prayers, beloved souls.  

You know the Love of God. May you truly be in alignment with the power of this Love and the Will of God express through you, as God continues to use you in many ways, through many avenues, and expressions that will bring light to the world. 

Be humble, be true, be faithful, be clear and strong in all that you desire in prayer. So the light will flow, the blessings will unfold, and many will benefit by your great instrumentality, beloved souls. God bless you. God bless you.  I am Andrew, and my love is with you all.  God bless you.