Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is your teacher Augustine. What a blessing it is for you to know the touch of the Master in your lives. Indeed, that touch comes more often than you might anticipate. That touch is powerful and uplifts you all as it does all of us in the Celestial Kingdom for the power and glory of the Master Jesus is immense and what is revealed to you on the Earth plane is but a crack in the door of his great power. You could not stand in the midst of that power as you are in your souls’ condition for this incredible expression of the soul of Jesus is more than you could stand, beloveds.

Yet, you continue to grow in this Love. Your souls continue to be transformed, drop by drop, day by day upon this journey. One day you will come to the doors of the Celestial Heavens and walk through and be greeted by the Master Jesus in all his beauty and love. For he greets all souls that enter into the Kingdom for he is the Master and he is the one who has created such a place, the habitation of all souls transformed in the Father’s Love. His joy to welcome yet another soul into this Kingdom, this place of pure joy and love and wonderment, is his gift and blessing upon all souls who have dedicated themselves to this transformation of their soul.

God in His great wisdom and goodness has created realms for His children in which to abide and know the joy of life. He has created the heavens for those who are pure in their souls but have not risen to that state of glory that comes with the Father’s Love within them. They too are immensely happy and glorify in this great condition of light that is the sixth sphere of the spirit world. Yet, as you have been told, there are greater glories, more wondrous places where a soul may abide given the conditions necessary for that gift to be so.

So each of you aspire within your souls to reach that place of the Celestial Kingdom. You will come to know that Truth, abiding Truth and Love, that is that place that God has created given your acceptance and earnest efforts to be worthy of residence there. You will come to know the glories and wonderment of God. To begin that journey of complete fulfilment and realisation of the soul in the Essence of God while you abide upon this Earth gives you a great advantage. A great advantage to know, to come to know this Truth in all its power and glory, to come to know God and all that God is, to feel that personal bond and awareness of God.

It is a goal that is worth pursuing always and will come to you in accordance to your effort and pursuit of His Love. So I ask you, beloved souls, redouble your efforts in prayer. Build that foundation of Love within you so that when you enter into the world of spirit that you are close to that gate of the Heavenly Realms, so that you may soon after passing enter therein and be greeted by your dear and beloved brother who longs for your entrance into this great Kingdom of Light.

It shall come to each one of you, beloveds, as you are in harmony and alignment with the Truths of God’s Love, as your soul is transformed and awakened beyond merely the potentials of the natural man to that place of the soul awakened and transformed. May God bless you on that journey. Know that the angels stand with you as your beloved brother has told you. You are not alone. You are upon a great and holy journey that is a great gift to your soul and to yourselves so that you may be uplifted and in the Light and know Truth.

God bless you brothers and sisters. I am your teacher Augustine and I too walk with you on that journey. God bless you. My love is with you as are many angels who nurture you and love you dearly. God bless you.