Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you. I am Mary. Many in your world think of me as their mother and indeed I have great feelings of love for every soul in your world, for my soul overflows with love, for God has blessed me so. I pray for this world. I pray for the upliftment of all of God’s children, all the souls of this world in such great need of love and comfort, of security and peace. I urge you, beloved souls, to do the same. Pray for the upliftment of humanity. Pray for the children, so many who feel unloved. Pray for all those who struggle in this world and there are many legions of souls struggling in your world. Some have material comfort and some are in deprivation, but all have a soul that cries out for love.

May your days be filled with love. May your thoughts be of God. May your souls open to God’s Love, that Great Source and Fountainhead of all Love that will pour and pour upon you, beloved souls. It will quench your thirst which is great and it will make you a Light in this world so that your capacity to love another, to love all, will be increased exponentially by this Love. You cannot take anything with you in my world except love. May you draw to yourselves great Love from God for this will be with you for all eternity, my beloveds.

Walk in this Light and know you are truly loved. Know that we in the Celestial Kingdom continue to minister to you all in our efforts to uplift and to teach and to inspire your souls. My love is with you, beautiful souls, my love is with you. There are many in the spirit world who crowd around you at this time, many who have been mothers in this world and many who have been fathers. All have existed at one time in your world and now seek to learn how to live in Light in our world.

May you be a channel of love and Light, wisdom and Truth for those who are seeking for there are many who are with you in this place who are not of the body but of the spirit, and the Light of this beautiful sanctuary nurtures all, nurtures all. May God bless us all.

Thank you and I love you. I am Mary. God bless you.