Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 10, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher Augustine. You have asked questions regarding your guidance. I wish to answer this by discussing the nature of guidance and what it is that you are receiving in a conscious way compared to what it is that your souls understand. This often can be quite different when you are inspired by guidance and there is a blossoming of understanding within your conscious self while you are in prayer and meditation. Then this becomes a semblance of awareness of the root expression of God’s Will for you in a particular instance.

Remember, my beloveds, that we meet often in your sleep states, that we discuss strategies and possibilities for the proliferation of the Truth of Divine Love in the world, to serve as instruments of God’s Will in the world. We, because we are redeemed souls, your Celestial helpers, have greater clarity as to what God’s Will is at any moment and are able to help and guide you along your path and to encourage you in your awakenings of the soul so that you too may have a clear awareness of God’s Will, a clear awareness of guidance that God may impart to you, beloveds. Often that clarity which rests within your soul can be misinterpreted and obscured by the reckonings of the mind, a mind dealing with the material concerns of your world and bringing together in some way that is workable, that is the concerns and requirements of the material world with the requirements and guidance that God has given you.

Often, the mind wrestles with the drops of guidance given. There are times when you may feel that what is given is not logical or feasible. This my dear friends is a test of faith. Do you believe in the wisdom of your own soul and its ability to know the Will of God, or are you much more inclined to believe in your own intellect and put your faith in your own intellect, to discern the truth and discern what must be done? It is easier for those of you in the Earth plane to operate in this way because the atmosphere of Earth engenders the power of the mind and often dismisses the power and understanding of the soul and the soul mind.

So, with any piece of guidance, inclination for action, some desire to serve in some way, this wrestling between mind and soul continues to create tension between these two aspects of yourself and your surety about what you must do. Beloveds, this is your test of faith is it not? Your test of the soul, and its inclinations that often contradicts the inclinations of the material mind. But there is always a silver lining to every cloud is there not? With these doubts within you, you must go to prayer. You continue to beseech God to assure you so that you may become clear as to your direction and your guidance.

In regards to the guidance that this instrument received about travel, essentially his perception is correct. But I must say that the mind often creates certain ideas and perceptions regarding the guidance given to the soul. So his somewhat refined ideas as to what this guidance means has been influenced by his mind and this must be taken into account. There is no firm and fast rule regarding what may take place upon these journeys. It is flexible, God is flexible and we are flexible.

Such ideas may be reconstituted into something that is feasible and acceptable and amenable to all involved. It is the tendency of the mortal to want specific and direct guidance so that there is no guessing or no true involvement in what must come. In some ways, this desire to be guided in a direct way indicates some humility. In other ways, it indicates a lack of desire to be responsible for what is to come. Again, the human condition interferes with God’s Will in many different ways and on many different levels. It is important that in prayer and contemplation and consideration of guidance, one must take into account the various influences that are interplaying in your thoughts and your actions.

This is why it is important to share your guidance and to consider with those whom you trust and who are supportive of your efforts that they may add some wisdom and some perception to what is given. There is no pure guidance that any of you are able to receive, beloved souls. It is obscured in some ways by the human condition, by your own condition, by your own mind. For the mind is compelled to interpret and to make clear in the mental faculties what is given. In its pure form, this is a gift, but in the form that comes with the human experience and condition, it can be a hindrance. Thus, we encourage you to go deeper within yourselves to seek the wisdom of the soul in relationship with your connection with God. In this way, the guidance that comes is more powerful and clear and nuanced. In this way, there is a greater capacity to enact the guidance given in ways that are in harmony with God’s Will. Thus, you may walk upon a path designated by God, a path that is perfect for that individual. A path that brings many wonderments and experiences and possibilities to enact God’s Will.

Receiving greater quantities of God’s Essence within your soul is the key to this, beloveds, as you well know. But with each day you are tested, with each day there are opportunities to grow and to refine your capacities to receive and understand God’s guidance, God’s Will. It is good that you come together in questions and desires for clarity and for the harmonization of your desires and your will with God’s Will. As you go deeper within the soul you begin to understand the complexities of your own mind and its capacities and desires to interpret, to screen and to filter the many inspired influences and blessings that come from God and His angels.

This is why, beloved souls, we do not give you plans to be enacted in advance to any great degree. For there is too much room for you to misinterpret and to falsely enact the guidance given. We are happy that you continue to question and discuss and pray about any particular guidance to receive confirmation and greater clarity. This is important because if you are confident and willful and express this from your mind, it is very difficult to receive clear and important guidance from God, to know His Will in any particular matter. For the interference of the mind is great and you are not immune from this, beloved souls.

Yet, when you receive guidance, for example, guidance to travel to a particular place, to meet particular people, this is not your imagination, beloved souls. This is true. You are able to feel and discern the difference between your mind’s desires and influence and that of God’s Will and influence. There is a sense within each of you that what has been given is correct. If you are confused, I suggest that you go to prayer. That you ask for clarity and you will be given such. This guidance to go to that country far off is correct and there is a sense of timing, which is correct. There is a sense of where you may go, who you may see, what may happen in those places and for the most part, this is correct.

Yet, there will be things added to and things subtracted from, as the conditions change and the opportunities open for greater connection with others. So I would not doubt your guidance, beloveds. Merely be open to amendments and additions and changes to that guidance as time progresses. For is this not the very nature of the human condition and this world, that things change? Opportunities open and other opportunities close in this regard and in conjunction with the power of free will and the human condition interacting with God’s will.

So, when one receives guidance, do not assume that one must enact that guidance to the letter, but to accept that what is given is a framework from which to work and to act. In this way, we give to you the possibilities of what may come.

We are pleased when you act upon it in gentle and humble ways, not fixated with details but open and able to accept what may come in the future and add to this guidance. You may not know what will come until the very moment that it does come. These surprises are often delightful and enhance your experience and the possibilities of your instrumentality as you are following the road laid out before you.

My beloveds, do not assume that what is given in guidance and what is received in guidance is one-hundred percent correct. It is a framework that allows you to focus and move forward in some ways and to enact God’s will as best you can. But I urge you to not allow negative thoughts and doubts and fears to restrict you from enacting your guidance. For these conditions will always come in response, at times from your own self, but often it is the workings of negative forces wishing to discourage you from your efforts. One must be vigilant, prayerful, faithful, open, and joyful in this flow of God’s Will enacted within your lives. You will see many things unfold that are not anticipated and surprising. Some of these things are challenging since this world of yours is a challenging place. Some of these things are delightful for God blesses you upon the path and all those who are gathered with you upon the path and brings many uplifting experiences in love.

Remember, beloved souls, there is a plan, God’s great plan for the salvation of mankind. You have prayed to be an instrument within this plan. So, God will often, and as time progresses, will very often ask you, guide you in particular ways for particular expressions to enact God’s Will. But you must be strong. When you are faced with surprising guidance, think of this as a test. Think of this as an opportunity to continue to step forward as God’s instruments. To do so in faith and not doubt the strength of your soul, beloveds, the strength of the Love within your souls will instruct you as to what you may do.

Are you strong beloveds? Do you continue to strengthen in Love? Are you willing to move forward as guided? These are questions for each day that comes in your life. For there are many opportunities available within each day to enact God’s Will. Can you do so, beloveds, without your mind interfering and obstructing God’s Will? This is your challenge, beloveds, this is your challenge.

We in the Celestial Kingdom are very pleased when you step forward bravely, without doubt, with great faith, and enact the guidance that is given. I wish to assure you that if some guidance is incorrect and is contradictory to God’s Will and you pray about this, we will correct you in this matter. You must ask, however, and you must accept that if there was an error in your perceptions that you are not infallible. Yet, you continue with faith to step forward. In this, we bring our love and joy and encouragement in your efforts. For how many in your world are willing to step forward in this way and capable of doing so? Very few indeed, so you are a precious instrument of God that is capable of knowing and listening to God’s Will. This is a great gift. This is a great blessing. We will continue to uphold you in this and you will continue to be guided and shown the way, beloved souls.

I hope this answers your questions, beloveds. For those who are fearful, those who in their habits of mind place obstructions to their guidance and they bring their opinions regarding your guidance, say a prayer, ask for God to bless them and open the way for them to understand. This is the power of prayer, beloveds. This is the great journey that you all are on and grow upon in Light, as God blesses you with each day, opening up greater capacities of understanding, soulful awakenings, channels of love, clear and beautiful.

May God bless you, beloveds, with each step you take. Know that you are loved and cared for in the tenderest and most beautiful ways. We will continue to nurture you as God continues to pour His Love upon you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you. God bless you.